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Surfer and wildlife lover’s paradise

"This eco-lodge is our little paradise on earth. We love to share it with fellow nature lovers, surfers, and yogis. This is where Costa Rica's lush green jungle meets the blue Pacific and is one of the most biologically diverse places in the world. We love living a simple life here and surfing every day. Come and enjoy yourself with us!"

The surf

Peak swell
Variable swell

The best seasons to surf are December to April for beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers. And we recommend March-September for intermediate and advanced surfers only. Luckily, we have waves all year round.

Close to us, there is Punta Banco which is an uncrowded surf spot that is still relatively unknown or underrated as most tourists only come to the area for the Pavones’ green season. Punta Banco beach offers 5 still uncrowded and different surf spots (beach & point breaks). The best months to surf here in front of the lodge are December-April but there are waves 365 days of the year.

Pavones hosts one of the world’s surfing wonders. It has been categorized as one of the world’s longest left-hand point breaks. It can go on from 400 to 900 meters, maybe longer if you’re lucky. The best months to surf Pavones are May-September.

There are more great waves in the neighborhood that we‘ll show you!

A perfect day

On a perfect surfing day at Sola Vista Eco Lodge, you wake up to the call of the jungle with the sounds of birds and howler monkeys. You hear the waves crashing out front, sit up in your bed to see it‘s glassy, shoulder/head-high, and nobody out. You get up, take a refreshing outdoor waterfall shower while watching the wildlife around you.

You wax your board, get in the groove and walk 3 min down the hill to the empty beach. After a 2-3 hrs solo session with pumping lefts & rights, you‘re ready for breakfast on the upper deck of your bungalow. While scrambling your eggs, mixing your smoothie, toasting your bread, you smell the delicious and famous tico coffee while observing the squirrel monkeys jumping in the trees. You enjoy your breakfast while watching the other surfers get some waves, maybe spot a whale passing by behind them, see toucans, scarlet macaws & capuchin monkeys.

After breakfast you chill in your hammock or go for another session... maybe drive 10min to Pavones to surf one of the longest lefts in the world. The afternoon you relax on the deck, practice yoga, read a good book, watch the wildlife & waves! 4 pm the wind stops, it‘s getting glassy again...nobody out! You grab your boardwalk 150 meters down and surf into the sunset. The evening you spend watching the sky go from yellow to red to pitch black with the stars shining bright. You eat some fresh tuna bought from the local fisherman & sip on a glass of wine. Happy and surfed out you go to bed to repeat your perfect day tomorrow - Pura Vida!

The lodge

Sola Vista is in the pristine tropical rainforest of Punta Banco on the South Pacific Coast where the lush green jungle meets the blue pacific ocean. This is a region in Costa Rica that is regarded as one of the most biologically diverse places in the world.

Guests can look forward to a unique and incredible indoor-outdoor living experience, wildlife encounters, private yoga with a breathtaking panorama, great surfing, and incredible sunsets.

Our lodge is perched on a ridge within a National Rainforest Reserve less than 200m (3min walking) from the spectacular surfing beach and charming original “Pura Vida” tico village. There is a small grocery store and a small restaurant that serves delicious local dishes, both just three minutes walking from the bungalows. We have two bungalows in different heights of the property - Casa Ola (higher up) and Casa Sol (lower) right next to each other. Both with two levels, no windows, and an outside shower.

Nearby you'll find Pavones (the world-famous surf spot) that can be reached in 15 minutes by car. The National Rainforest Reserve is less than 200m from Punta Banco’ beach and there is a peaceful little village with friendly local people and an awesome “Pura Vida” vibe. There is a small grocery store and a small restaurant serving delicious local dishes, both just 3 minutes walking from the bungalows.

There is no WIFI in our bungalows, so you can totally disconnect and immerse yourself in nature. However, if you need to check your e-mails or message, you can connect to the wifi of the hosts close by which may or may not work all the time. There is a Kölbi cell phone connection if you want to purchase a SIM card.

At Sola Vista Eco Lodge you‘ll most likely encounter daily visits from various animals including white-faced, howler, and titi monkeys, agoutis, iguanas, scarlet macaws, pizotes, and toucans to name a few.

The only restrictions we have are; no smoking, no pets, no parties, and not suitable for kids.


Our bungalows at Sola Vista are built with minimal to zero impact on the surrounding rainforest. No trees were cut off during the building's construction and only certified wood was used. All buildings are built on pillars to preserve the ground and allow animals free movement underneath it. We fully commit to keeping an environmentally low-impact business operation, ecologically sustainable and sensitive to conservation and community issues. All garbage is recycled and electricity is only used where/when required. The open concept allows the natural breeze from the ocean to cool down the bungalows, so no AC is needed. And our guests enjoy their outdoor showers with fresh spring water gravity fed directly from the jungle. The tap water is fresh spring water with no chemicals added and safe to drink. You will enjoy the noticeably fresh taste.

We actively engage in local projects such as the Tortuga Conservation Commission of Punta Banco to study and conserve the wildlife in the area. Sola Vista Eco Lodge partners with the local community of Punta Banco to further raise environmental awareness. Our ultimate goal is to establish a local recycling collection center in the village.

The lodge will remain closed from September until mid-November.

Getting there
Fly from San Jose Airport to Golfito Airport via SANSA Airline. From Golfito you can take a taxi for about $80 in a 2 hours d... read more

Sola Vista

Leading trips since 2019
Renato Müller
Renato Müller
Renato Müller

After many years working in the corporate world, we both concluded that there must be something else than just working 10 hours a day behind the computer or sitting in endless meetings. We wanted a drastic change from "treadmill-like" office life. Break free and have more time to do things we truly love!

We always had that one shared dream - to live by the ocean, “simple” life in nature, practicing yoga, and surfing every day. After some time thinking and planning, we found our paradise in the very Pacific South of Costa Rica. The incredible nature and PURA VIDA lifestyle convinced us to take a leap. The first step was the most difficult and then everything was just flowing right. We sold everything we had in Switzerland and moved to Costa Rica with just two bags and surfboards. The first year we rented a place and got more familiar with the community, Spanish, and the climate, while looking at properties for sale. We fell in love with a piece of land that had some ruins from a house that burned down. That's where we decided to start our project and soon after we bought it, we started to build our little lodge with the help of great workers from the village.

Our goal was to create a space where other adventurous nature lovers, surfers & yogis (mainly couples or close friends) can enjoy unforgettable holidays in a private, exclusive, setting.

In November 2019 we finally opened Sola Vista Eco Lodge and we are grateful to be able to share our little paradise with many interesting guests from all around the world!

Languages: English, Spanish
Response rate: 100%
Response time: Within 24 hours

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What's included?
Yoga mats and blocks, full functioning kitchen and bathroom, outside shower, private parking.
What's not included?
Flights, wifi, airport transfers, meals, fridge basic items (can be arranged in advance for an extra fee).
What should I bring?
Good flashlight or headlamp, sunblock, hat, good hiking shoes, lightweight and fast-drying clothes, a basic 1st aid kit and binoculars.
Is this lodge suitable for kids?
No. It isn't suitable for children/kids.
What are other things I should keep in mind before booking my stay?
No smoking allowed, not suitable for pets, no parties allowed.
What's the cancellation policy?
Cancel and get a full refund within 48 hours of purchase, or at least 90 days before the trip starts.
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