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Asu Camp Dream Diary

A wave-rich notes from a recent Springtime trip to Asu (plus Nias and Bawa) in this very special surf zone of Indonesia.

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Animating the Skeleton

Some of surfing’s most iconic sessions couldn’t happen without a guide. The following is a conversation with two behind the pivotal Skeleton Bay scene in Craig Anderson’s “Slow Dance.”

One of many perfect waves for surfers in the Galapagos Islands

Surfing the Galapagos Islands

A surf guide’s surf-guide to scoring waves in the Galapagos Islands

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Coastal Guardians: Kahi Pacarro

An interview with Hawaiian resident Kahi Pacarro, Director of the Pacific Ocean at Parley and Founder of Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii.

Coastal Guardians
A group of kids on a family surf trip at the beach

Best Surf Trips for Families

The top 5 most family-friendly surf trips that tick all the boxes a surf-mom or dad knows need ticking. (All with amazing waves, of course.)

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Why Go with a Surf Guide?

If you’re looking for a more authentic and truly complete experience on a surf trip — a guide will get you there.

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Best Surf Destinations in April

Could April be surfing’s most versatile, wave-rich month in the world? We think so — here’s why.

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