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Santa Teresa at its Best!

"We're a place where rest and play combine with the best of life: surfing, custom motorcycles, expedition tours, food and beverage, apparel, and lodging. It is a destination for the few who can appreciate its true value of the discovery, insatiable explorers who want to be part of something radical, something that satisfies all senses. Everyone has a story to tell: this is the place to spark conversation and create lifelong bonds. The goal is life - ride bumps, get bruises, strike laughter. Reconnect with what was thought to be lost - Foster new relationships."

The surf

Peak swell
Variable swell

The surf season in Santa Teresa runs year-round and can be split into two seasons. Dry Season (December - May) - the beginning of the year is characterized by hot, glassy days with morning offshores. March onwards, the south swell seasons start-up, and the weather remains ideal. The early part of the year is the perfect time for beginners, but there are always swells and waves for all skill levels.

Rainy Season (June - November) - this is the peak swell season. The weather is flanked by passing rain and thunderstorms. The jungle is green and vibrant, and with all the rivers running, the beach breaks and sand bars are constantly changing and shifting, creating many great sandbar opportunities.

The lodge

Welcome to SOMOS. We are a contemporary refuge enclosed by wild landscapes that allows for infinite exploration, an outpost built to foster a sense of freedom through our offerings. Designed to cover all the bases, we're a place where rest and play combines with the best of life; surfing, custom motorcycles, expedition tours, food and beverage, apparel and lodging. Together they entangle the senses, jolt the heart, and reward the soul.

SOMOS is a place where the global adrenaline seekers, artists, builders, and adventurers come together to share a common goal. It's a destination for the few who can appreciate its true value of discovery; insatiable explorers who want to be part of something radical, something that satisfies all senses.

Discovering Santa Teresa

Once a small fishing village, Santa Teresa is now dotted with restaurants, boutique retail stores, surf shops, and few fine hotels. The town has just enough amenities to entertain those looking for the finer things in life, while maintaining dirt roads and the rural jungle to keep the spirit of adventure and true character alive.


For those looking to experience surfing for the first time or improve on their surfing skills, Somos offers coaching and instruction from experienced locals and trained instructors. A truly personalized experience, with only the finest equipment and genuine people to ensure that you have a great time and maximize your surfing experience!

The SOMOS Cafe

The SOMOS CAFE has traveled the world and parked on our property. An Airstream trailer converted into a bar and kitchen, our rolling diner presents a simple menu with something for everyone, using only local produce, fresh meats and line caught fish, free from additives. We produce all our condiments, breads and deserts in-house to create recipes inspired by the Northern Hemisphere, focusing on veggie forward, fresh, vibrant, and healing dishes, put together by three chefs, three friends.

Our beverage program follow the same principles. All sodas, syrups, juices and infusions are made on-site with medicinal fresh herbs, roots, and fruits to replenish and revive after a long day of riding and surfing. But if you're down for something simpler, more refreshing, we got a wide selection of local and craft beer from the region, and some wine to sit back and unwind.


Quite possibly the classiest surfboard studio you have ever seen. Fine wood, floor to ceiling, glass walls on both ends for the viewers pleasure. Windows into the heart and soul of surfing. We created a place to honor and catalyze the art and craft of building surfboards by hand. To unite the master craftsmen board builders of the world with the beaches and surfers of Costa Rica. Share a few waves with your shaper, then watch him build a custom craft that afternoon. Guys like Mike Minchinton, Forrest Minchinton, and Robert August, to name a few. In between, browse our racks and buy from our inventory or hire one from our demo quiver, so you know what you want before you get your own!

The program’s function is to unite Somos with renowned surfboard shapers and glassers from around the world. During their stay with us, they build their unique brands of boards for our inventory, and they also take custom orders. The goal is to create a board-building community within Costa Rica utilizing traditional techniques and styles, creating a unique style of surfboards exclusive to Somos and have them recognized and appreciated on both a local and global level.


When the waves go flat, we hop on our bikes or in the truck. Costa Rica is rife with gravel roads, limitless tracks and empty coasts. Throw the surfboards on the racks, board shorts and wax in our packs, and off we go. Stay at our place some nights, and under the stars for the others. Wake up to the sounds of waves breaking and the smell of breakfast cooking. Surf till you can't surf no more, then hop on the road and off along the coast to the next reef.

Maybe it's a waterfall, or a twisty mountain road. Monkeys, crocodiles, and toucans: we have seen them all. Hike to the sweet sound of a rushing river or be rewarded with a view of the big blue Pacific. This is the rich coast, full of life and beauty and good waves, lots of them. We race against the day and the wind, but we’ll always lose; the trophy is having spent another day on the beach, and a cold brew.

Unfortunately, due to COVID, we have suspended our motorcycles tours program indefinitely. We still have a third-party motorcycle and ATV rental options available. Please, send us a message if you would like to know more.

Getting there
For domestic travel - fly to Tambor Airport via Sansa Airlines or Green Airways. For International travel - Fly to Liberia (L... read more
For domestic travel - fly to Tambor Airport via Sansa Airlines or Green Airways. For International travel - Fly to Liberia (LIR) or San Jose (SJO). From San Jose, get a connecting flight to Tambor Airport. From there, take a shuttle for a 45-minute d... read more

House of Somos

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Somos was founded by a group of friends who wanted to create a space that was a culmination of our life travels and experiences. The balance of all our favorite things and experiences from around the world blended into one. Each of us comes from different backgrounds (surfboard manufacturing, art & design, business, culinary design), and countries (USA, Costa Rica, Europe), but what brought us all together was the love of good times.

Our favorite experience since opening Somos has been the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our guests. People come to stay with us and we see their priorities, their interests, and perspectives transform. From work to surf, from social media to other guests, the news to what’s event is happening that night in Santa Teresa. Their 7-day stay turns into 20 and their single surfboard collections doubles or triples overnight. Usually the first time they have ever truly been a part of getting a custom surfboard.

Languages: English, Spanish
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