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The longest left wave in the world

"Take off on the wave in front of a spectacular sandy beach and be carried to an old sugar cane port, built almost 100 years ago. The community of Chicama (aka Malabrigo Port) is a natural and historical jewel hidden between the ocean and coastal desert of La Libertad Region on the central coast of Perú. A home for many fishermen, this refuge for perfect waves is also a prime location for exploring the historical surroundings on the Moche Route. You’ll be delighted by the exquisite Peruvian gastronomy as the sunset illuminates the sky above this endless wave."

The surf

Peak swell
Variable swell

Peru, One of the 8 mega-diverse countries in the world, offers the chance to enjoy an unforgettable vacation. Inheritors of an ancient culture, with hundreds of archaeological sites, Peru was home to PreHispanic cultures, vestiges of which continue alive through present day customs and traditions of their people.

From the coast to the mountains and the lowland rain forest, you can enjoy a unique mixture of culture, history, adventure and nature as well as an unimaginable variety of foods complemented with the hospitality and warmth of its people.

In Peru, "wave riding" was practiced since the beginning of civilization. The Mochica people, members of a northern Peru ancient culture rode waves coming in from fishing in a daily and obliged ritual. To be a fisherman in ancient Peru you had to be a surfer, a reed boat surfer. Times have changed; people evolved and so did men tools. Old wooden boards in Hawaii or Peruvian reed boats were replaced by modern and lighter surf boards made of synthetic foam and fiber glass, although the ecstasy feeling of riding a wave remains intact in the hearts and souls of those who ride waves today.

A special combination of adventure spirit, courage, commitment and the interminable search of the perfect wave characterize this unique tribe of men and women who travel the world dancing on the crest of the waves. Peru is one of those privileged places on earth where nature's generosity offers innumerable breaks with waves from every size, from every type. From beginners to advanced surfers, children, men, women, there is a wave for everyone in this country where surfing is possible 365 days a year, with lots of surf spots to be discovered and where many, many waves pass unridden, this is the case of Chicama.

Chicama is one of the jewels of Peruvian surfing. Home to the longest left in the world, Chicama offers more than 2.2km of perfect waves that break year-round. It is an ideal wave for all levels of surfing. There are easy sections of the wave and others that are more difficult and demanding for more experienced surfers. The wave breaks perfectly from start to finish, from the sandy beach to the pier. You will ride this wave until you feel your legs do not give anymore.

Chicama is not a high-performance wave, it's more a “Groovy” wave, a wave to as many maneuvers you can or the longest hang fives of your life, a perfect wave for the family, intermediate surfer, or for the advanced surfer looking for a spot to just enjoy.

The wave

The wave is divided into six sections: El Cape, El Point, Las Dos Tetas, El Hotel, El Hombre and El Malecón. Each section is different and there’s always at least one spot with good conditions that will allow you to have a fun session.


The best season for Chicama is from March to November, as swell's activity from the southern hemisphere makes waves the hit our coast with a lot of energy. This is when all the sections connect and form an endless wave. From December to February we receive the swells from the North that also work very well, making El Point have a perfect shape.

Best conditions to surf Chicama

SW 210° + / 4ft + / 14 SEC+
SSW 197° + / 8ft + / 14 SEC+
WNW 300°+ / 2ft + / 15 SEC+

Perfect day surfing at Chicama

It would be with a SW 210° / 3ft to 4ft / 14 Sec swell with a twin fin early in the morning with boat assistance so I can catch many waves, then head back to the hotel and get into the hot tub overlooking the bay and enjoy a Cusqueña Beer until my ceviche is on my table.

The lodge

The Chicama Boutique Hotel is the perfect place to stay so you can get pampered after a long surf session. The hotel is designed by surfers for surfers and all facilities make life easier, even for the non-surfer guest who is happily enjoying a Pisco Sour in the Jacuzzi overlooking the surf while his or her partner is surfing.

The spa with its saunas, Jacuzzis, and massages help you heal your body after each surf session, the restaurant has the Peruvian culinary experience to impress everyone with healthy and delicious food. The boat service with our zodiacs increases your options to get more waves and we even help you with your surfboard and wetsuit when you come after surfing so you just go to get a shower without worrying about where to put your board and dry your wetsuit. We want to help our visitors to heal themselves with fun waves, healthy food and surf-oriented services.

Pool & deck

A place to enjoy the sun and the amazing bay views, adorned by never-ending waves and vessels at sea. We have an infinity pool that helps guests relax while enjoying a nice cocktail. Next to the pool, the outdoor Jacuzzi is the perfect place to end an intensive day.

The restaurant

Our restaurant offers a spectacular ocean view. Its architecture is an ode to the houses built in the 1940s in Peru´s famous coastal towns. At the bar, our guests enjoy the best local cocktails. Our menu is diverse and exquisite, it includes seafood, local dishes, pasta and vegetarian options prepared with the best local ingredients.

The spa

Our spa strives to combine elements that promote a healthy body and a healthy mind. Water occupies the lead role in offering a truly relaxing experience, with a sauna and jacuzzi circuit that can be complemented by massages that will impress even the most demanding guest.


Come and enjoy our bar which has a variety of Peruvian and international drinks.

Yoga & meditation area

We consider that an essential thing to achieve tranquility during a vacation is not just disconnecting from your usual surroundings and activities, we think that you must also connect to yourself and nature. For yoga and meditation lovers, we have designed a special space.

The gym

Our gym is fully equipped with all the necessary elements to keep you fit while having a great holiday or enjoying surfing in the longest wave on earth.


Chicama is a small coastal town with a population of about 3,000 inhabitants. We only hire local people and, in the process, we benefit 30 families with an income, about 150 benefits directly by the hotel and other 60 other families benefit indirectly as providers of goods and services, so we estimate that we benefit around 10% of the community.

Getting there
The nearest city, Trujillo, is one hour away from Chicama. The easiest way to get to the resort is to fly to Trujillo, then h... read more
The nearest city, Trujillo, is one hour away from Chicama. The easiest way to get to the resort is to fly to Trujillo, then hire a car or drive from there.

Chicama Surf Resort

Leading trips since 2006
Miguel Vegas
Miguel Vegas

Chicama is a small coastal town with a population of about 3,000 inhabitants. At our boutique hotel, we only hire local people and in the process, we benefit 30 families with an income, about 150 benefits directly by the hotel and other 60 other families benefit indirectly as providers of goods and services, so we estimate that we benefit around 10% of the community. "This is the most inspiring thing for me." says manager Miguel Vegas.

Social Responsibility

From the beginning of our project, one of our goals has been to create development for Chicama. In doing so, we strive to hire only locals and try, for the most part, to have providers of goods and services in the area, to develop decent and sustainable sources of work. Another responsibility we assume is to take care of the environment and protect the Chicama wave from any threats that may exist.

Protection of Chicama

A few years ago our wave was threatened with the potential construction of a 2km long pier, which sought to convert Chicama into an export port for agricultural and mining production. That's why we asked for help from the Surf Federation of Peru, who put us in contact with the NGO Conservemos por Naturaleza and its subsidiary Hazla por tu Ola. They were in charge of registering Chicama with the National Surfing Break Registration Office (RENARO), as a wave protected by the Law of Rompientes of Peru (Peru's wave protection law). Chicama Boutique Hotel financed all the required studies and actively participated in meetings with the authorities. This is how Chicama became the first wave protected by law in the world.

Youth Weekend

Eight years ago the Chicama Boutique Hotel partnered with Share the Stoke Foundation of the USA to help the community of Chicama become more committed to surfing and caring for the environment. Share The Stoke Foundation teamed up with Fire Wire Surf Boards to donate 12 new boards every year. The Youth Weekend is a weekend full of activities for local children, among the activities we do are: • Free Surf Lessons • Donation of Boards to Local Surf Schools • Surf Championship for Children • Beach cleaning • Environmental care talks • Grill for the participants With this we have managed to engage the community with the care of the environment encourage local children to become the ambassadors of surfing in this unique area. So far we have collected almost 6 tons of plastics from the beach.

Waste Reduction

100% reduction of Single-Use Plastics in our Operation: In 2018 we committed to reduce 100% of the consumption of single-use plastic in our operation. Among the good practices we adopted are: • Sale of metal water bottles and access to free freshwater for clients throughout their stay • Sale of bottled beverages in glass containers • The purchases we make to stock up on food are made with our bags of biodegradable materials and coolers

Free Coffee for plastic beach litter: As of 2018, we have been offering the visitors of Chicama the opportunity to collect plastic trash from the beach and in return for a free coffee in our restaurant. This activity is designed to educate our visitors that their help is crucial in keeping our beaches clean.

Languages: Spanish, English
Response rate: 100%
Response time: Within 21 hours

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Spa treatments (massages), transfer to archaeological sites, transfer to other surf spots (Pacasmayo, Poemape, Huanchaco), surf equipment rental, surf lessons, shore fishing and cooking lessons.
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All underage guests (under 18 years old) must be accompanied by a parent or tutor. If an underage guest is accompanied by a tutor, they must present an authorization by their parents at the check in a... read more
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We are a pet-friendly hotel and we charge US$ 20 per pet per night. We can provide more information and rules upon booking confirmation.
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Since the foundation and start of operations at the Chicama Boutique Hotel, our mission has been to create unique experiences. Now, more than ever, our company proves that our priority is the health,... read more
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