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Great waves, amazing food and fascinating culture

"Get to the right spot at the “land of lefts.” Escape from the crowds in Mancora or Lima and find empty lineups to score the best surfing in town. Live the whole Peruvian experience by enjoying our cultural diversity and excellent world-renowned cuisine. We will get to the best spots, so you go back home knowing why Peru is one of the most epic countries in the world to surf!"

The surf

Peak swell
Variable swell

Peru has all types of waves, but our main attraction is our long sand bottom left-handers north of Lima. You can find mellow and friendly 4 to 5 feet fast, aggressive, and powerful barreling lefts there. Whatever you want to surf, we will take you there.

We divide our coast into four regional parts: Lima (South), Trujillo (Mid North), Talara (North), and Mancora to Ecuador (North /North). Due to our exposed coast to southern swells, we have waves all year long. Most left-hand point breaks work from January to December with southwest and south swell directions. From Nov to Mar, we get north swells, bumping the north area of our coastline and firing some great lefts there too. The variety of nearby waves here attracts many surfers during our peak season. Some of the breaks we go are:

  • Señoritas, in Lima (left, point). It's a short wave, very pushy and fun. It has a shallow rock bottom with a strong bowl. A very rippable and challenging wave: not easy to ride.

  • Caballeros, Lima (right, point): This is a very fun rock bottom wave, slight right that on a good day with the right South Swell will produce thousands of chest-to-head high rippable waves. It is the favorite and most fun wave in the area.

  • Puerto Nuevo, Lima (right & left, beach break): This is a sand bottom, really fun beach break for small days. It has right and lefts split peaks all around, ramps everywhere!

  • La Herradura, Lima (left, point): This wave breaks with all swells and is a long powerful wave with 3 sections. It ends with a barreling part that will blow your mind. We call this wave the jewel of the city!

  • Huanchaco, Mid North (left, point): It is a susceptible swell type of beach with enjoyable and friendly small waves in a multicultural town where the best Ceviche is served. There, the fishermen still use the ancient “Caballito de Totora” (craft) to reach the shore with fresh fish, recreating this exercise invented by the Inca’s which we believe was a surfing technique.

  • El Hueco, North (left, point): This is a very hollow and barreling wave. Very fast, but with an easy take-off at the point. This wave breaks in front of some rocks and it is right outside wave where Lobitos breaks.

  • Baterias, North (left, point): This wave is very sensitive to swells and it's a very friendly on small days. But, it can be a very barreling and good wave on big days.

  • Piscinas, north (left, point): The most fun wave in the Lobitos Area. It's a sand bottom wave with a very soft closeout. Piscinas will take out the best of your surfing.

  • Panic Point, North (left, point): This wave is called the Mother of Cabo Blanco and it is the most dangerous wave in Peru. It is really fast and hollow with a mixed bottom of sand and rocks. It can be very crowded and nobody out as well. A Helmet at this break is a must.

  • Los Organos, North (left, point): This is a very powerful and high-performance wave that breaks over a rock reef and has a perfect shape with a barreling section. This is called the best high-performance wave in northern Peru.

  • Mancora, North (left, point): Mancora is a very friendly, high performance and enjoyable wave with a lot of sections to pull out all the maneuvers of your book. It is ideal for any type of surfer at any level. On a good day, it can hold some size but is still friendly. If you don't know how to surf, this is the perfect place to learn.

  • Punta Ballenas, North (left, point): This wave is very similar to Mancora’s, but it's a little bit faster and shorter. It's a super high-performance wave and most of the time, there is nobody out.

  • Caleta Grau, North(left, point): Depending on the sand bottom, this long wave can be barreling for miles or can be enjoyed as a high-performance wave. It is friendly and most of the time, there is no one out there.

  • Quebrada Toro, North (left, point): This sand bottom wave is very similar to Snapper Rocks and that's how we called it. It doesn't hold too much size, but it is just a perfect barrel and is one of the longest barreling waves we have in north Peru.

  • Acapulco, North (right, point): This is a fun and short right-hand wave that doesn't hold too much size, but it is perfect to surf if you can catch some fun waves in a very shortboard.

  • Zorritos, North (left, point): Depending on the sand bottom, this long wave can be barreling for miles or can be enjoyed as a high-performance wave. It is very friendly and most of the time is no one out there.

And much more! Check it out in the section below, but keep in mind there will be others during the trip!

The adventure

Drive over 1200 km (745 miles) of coastline with long left-hand point breaks. Get to the right spot on the perfect tide and score the best waves each day. Peru has a few spots of world-class waves, like Chicama, the longest wave in the world. In general, the best conditions are due to the wind in the mornings on big days.

All spots are surfable during the day until later when the wind changes direction. We will always start the day very early to have time to check more than one spot and stop where it's most appropriate for guests' surfing skills.

Snacks, fruit, and water will be provided to keep everyone hydrated and energized for the long paddles or walks back to the take-off spots. After a long morning of surfing, the typical fish dish cooked in lemon is a must for the delight of any palate.

Culture and gastronomy

Culture is a big part of a Peruvian trip. You will be able to enjoy the cultural diversity and our excellent cuisine, such as a traditional plate of ceviche for an authentic experience. You will get a closer look at this country's history and amazing gastronomy and will share good times with friends and with local people.

Most towns are very quiet, but there are some bars and restaurants that offer nightlife for those who still will have energy after a long day of surfing. Other activities include swimming with turtles and boat trips to watch whales (not a year-round activity) and walks to the valleys and streams.

In the mid-north Peruvian area, you can visit the archaeological remains of the ancient Inka culture of ancient Peru, such as the Chan Chan fortress, El Señor de Sipan, and many Huacas of the Moche and Mochica subcultures, as well as see the artisanal fishermen use the "Caballito de Totora" - a kind of canoe/surfboard used by the Inkas for fishing. Some believe that it was the first boat in which waves were surfed, allowing them to reach the shore after a long day of fishing.


We will take care of you like family. We suggest the best and most comfortable accommodations according to the area we will visit. Some places will have luxury boutique hotels, A1 Hotels, and small lodges with a pool where breakfast is included. We can also arrange for you to stay at Chicama Surf Resort be oceanfront to the world's longest wave.

There are also some traditional bungalows for those seeking a more authentic Peruvian experience.

You can also have a luxury accommodation experience on a private Villa or House with an oceanfront and private chef for an additional cost.

Accommodations not included in the adventure price.

Getting there
Fly to Lima International Airport (LIM). We will pick you up from there and start our trip.
Fly to Lima International Airport (LIM). We will pick you up from there and start our trip.

Augusto Villaran Magnet

Augusto Villaran Magnet
Surf guide
Augusto Villaran Magnet

My name is Augusto Villaran. I was born in Lima at Punta Hermosa, Peru. I descend from a long heritage of a surfer family. My brother is Gabriel Villaran, a top professional surfer. I have over 25 years of experience surfing the best spots from Lima through the north Peruvian coastline, what we call the “land of lefts,” ending at the border with Ecuador.

I am a certificated big wave jet ski driver, a lifeguard for waves like Pico Alto, having the security of my clients as my top priority. Besides surfing, I work on projects focused on protecting Peruvian rich wildlife and helping low resources kids from the most forgotten parts of the Peruvian coast to get into surfing.

Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese
Response rate: 100%
Response time: Within 6 hours

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