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Beyond your limitations is your true potential

"It is my mission to make it possible for you to reach your full potential. I aim to enhance physical strength and endurance, precision and response by adjusting the mind to listen to your heart and intuition. The results are unparalleled capacity and potential."

The surf

Peak swell
Variable swell

The Sayulita-Punta Mita area is known best for its friendly, super fun waves. This is the perfect place to take your surfing to the next level. If you're just learning, mellow rolling point breaks will help you find your feet and ride the longest waves of your life. And if you're intermediate to advanced, bring a mid-length, fish, or shortboard to dial in your skills on long rippable points and quick, punchy beaches.

The summer season has consistent surf as the southern hemisphere swells march up toward Mexico from April through September. October through March is when the Northern hemisphere fires up and sends the swell from the north. No matter the season, we can always find a fun point or peak to have a blast.

The adventure

When you work with me, we spend time discussing where you are coming from, both in physical fitness, familiarity, and comfort with water and the ocean, as well as where you are in your mind and soul. We establish your goals and then work intentionally to achieve them through my offerings of 1 day to multi-day sessions together.

These may include intuitive sound healing, yoga, deep water training programs, as well as of course, ocean time. My offerings include workshops, ongoing classes, and retreats for both private coaching and in a group setting.

Through my experience as a snorkel and free dive guide, I was allowed to specialize in hypoxic aquatic training. This specialty is the portal to overcoming fear and perceived limitations. By safe and skill-level appropriate conditioning and training, we work with this method to cross over into potential.

Through traveling extensively through Tahiti, I developed the big wave training method I share with my clients. Cuba introduced me to go where not many have gone or surfed safely. Tofino taught me how sacred geometry showed up in danger of extreme tides and winds and showed me how to perceive what nature is, showing you to make the best decisions and choose the best path. I've combined all these teachings from the land into what I share with clients.

I believe that through the untamed nature of the ocean, matched with the resonance of sound that both these waveforms are capable of unlocking a fierce soul calling and unlimited physical potential. This is what happened for me and has given me the ability to ride some of the biggest waves in my life and reach my personal goals, all while staying connected, grounded, and physically strong.

With the wild ocean as my medium, the waves my guide, and intuition as my compass, I Invite you to come work with me and move beyond your limits and BE your potential.

Getting there
Fly into Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport (PVT).
Fly into Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport (PVT).

Wave Elements

Leading trips since 2012
Natacha Radojevic
Natacha Radojevic

As an avid and dedicated water woman, my passion for nature and the ocean has taken me on the path to guiding others to connect within themselves and understanding the ocean's language and signs. Nature is always speaking with us. We just have to learn to listen to our Intuition and open ourselves to feeling part of the natural world.

I was born in an outdoor culture in the rugged climate of Canada. This undoubtedly shaped me and provided the grit that I have relied on as an entrepreneur and athlete. From dog sled guiding to sea kayak guiding, surfing in the dark blue waters of the Canadian pacific, I evolved a deep passion for studying the body, mind, and soul connection concerning fitness.

Mexico has been home for over 12 years. My roots in this beautiful and magical country are deep. My surf travels along the pacific Mexican coastline have taught me so much about how to surrender and enjoy this beautiful ride. Punta de Mita Nayarit is an incredible ocean playground! Diving deeply into an athletic mindset, apnea, Hypoxic training for surfers, exposure therapy, surf coaching, guiding and sound healing.

I welcome you to experience wave elements. It is my mission to make it possible for you to reach your full potential. I aim to enhance physical strength, endurance, precision and response through attuning the mind to listen to your heart and Intuition. The results are unparalleled capacity and potential.

Languages: English, Spanish, French
Response rate: 100%
Response time: Within 2 hours

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From $80 / day
This is a 2 hours session including transportation. The hypoxi... more
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What's included?
Surf lesson, surf instructor, and pick up from Sayulita & Punta de Mita at specific meeting points.
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Flights, travel insurance, airport transfer, accommodation, meals, and other activities.
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Cancel and get a full refund within 48 hours of purchase, or at least 30 days before the trip starts.