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Private rooms

Surf, fish, recharge, repeat

"Stay in fron of the legendary Lances Right, in a completely private space to enjoy with your chosen loved ones. The luxury of freedom to venture around the untouched Mentawai islands. To surf world-class waves, explore new landscapes or even fish in a a wild abundant sea on our state-of-the-art Morey Boat."

The surf

Peak swell
Variable swell

Ever since the world was introduced to the Mentawai Islands over 25 years ago, the surf world has never been the same. Countless islands, perfect reef passes, light winds, remote location and a conveyor belt of relentless swell from 6,000 miles away, there is literally no other place in this world that compares to the Mentawais.

Villa Onu In-Season (April – Sept) is in the center of Indian Ocean SW swell season. Once high pressure breaks in the Indian Ocean, storms start marching from Africa to Indonesia and do not stop till late season. During this time of year, the surf rarely drops below head high and during a standard trip to Mentawai, guests can expect 1-2 swells to really get the blood flowing. While the Northern Mentawais have some of the best barrelling waves in Indonesia (Lance’s right/ HT’s, Lance’s left, Beach break or Bintangs), this area is unique in that it has something for everyone.

From the end of October until late February, you will find overhead waves, great weather, low crowds and great vibes. Shoulder-Season (October – March) has had the biggest misconception for years. Flat surf, bad winds, tons of rain and not the time to visit the archipelago. While most of the Mentawais faces west and turn onshore, the playgrounds region has countless reef passes that remain offshore.

While you will not see the large SW swells that result in massive Lance’s Right or Lance’s Left, you will see countless days of overhead surf with good conditions that favor the rights. While most of our guests (us included) do not want the massive, scary surf that in-season can yield, our Shoulder- Season results in the fun overhead surf that the Mentawais are known for. Throw in light crowds and great conditions, you have the Mentawai’s best-kept secret.

The lodge

We are at one of the most iconic surf destinations in the world. Our villa is a beachfront getaway for couples, groups of friends and families looking for a place to celebrate life close to nature and great waves. This is where we score our guests with unlimited surf spots and bestow them an unforgettable fishing trip experience.

The villa accommodates up to 8 people and it has a cinema room, massage room, dining room, kitchen and a private pool. Every four rooms are double ensuite rooms.


Wake up to the smell of eggs and bacon or some of our vegan options from our chef! With the most fantastic view, watching the waves unfold with every bite. The chef will serve you a buffet-style kind of breakfast every morning - various options from sweet, savory homemade jam to fruit salad, yogurt, homemade bread, avocado & tomato provençale.

For lunch & dinner, you can join us at the Hollow Tree's resort or have the chef prepare something special at the villa.

There's a magnificent view from all areas of the space: from your bed, to your dining table, to the lounge. A gazebo area under the palms is perfect for cheering each other on or capturing the ultimate shot of the barrel of your lifetime!

We offer a unique experience with high-end services to fulfill your dream surf trip - absolute freedom for surfing and lifestyle activities. We are facing the one & only legendary Lances Right aka Hollow Tree’s (HT’s). Apart from this perfect high-performance wave, there are options for everyone. Beginner to intermediate waves exists only minutes away by boat and scooter.

Transfer services

Regular Transfers Service (Round-trip) package:

  • Adult : USD350 pp (Excl. Mentawai Surf Tax
  • Grom/Gremmie 6-16yo: USD250 pp
  • Kids 2–5yo : USD200 pp

Includes :

  • Airport transport pick up/drop off (Airport - Hotel - Harbour) and return
  • Mentawai Fast Ferry tickets & return
  • Speedboat transfer to/from Tuapejat to/from Villa Onu Mentawai &
  • Surfboard bag at the ferry Mentawai Surf Tax (for WNI $10 USD per person, for tourist $75 USD per person - valid for 15 days for visiting surfers only)

VIP Transfer Service (Round-trip) package:

  • USD400 pp (Excl. Mentawai Surf Tax)
  • Grom/Gremmie 6-16yo: USD300 pp
  • Kids 2–5yo : USD250 pp


  • VIP ground handling arrival and departure in Minangkabau airport/Padang airport
  • Luggage airport handling/porter
  • Luxury airport transport pick up/drop off (Airport - Hotel - Harbour) and return
  • Surfboard bag at the ferry harbour
  • VIP Mentawai Fast Ferry tickets & return
  • Speedboat transfer to/from Tuapejat to/from Villa Onu Mentawai & return

Private speed boat service

If you prefer to go direct as soon you land in Padang, we offer a direct private speed boat from Padang to Villa Onu Mentawai or Villa Onu Mentawai to Padang. Safe your time travel!

Recommended for: Travelling in big groups

Travel time: 3.30 hours

Price USD2.500/trip

Maximum Capacity: 10 people

Rate includes:

  • Transfers from Airport to Hotel (Boards/Luggage)
  • Transfers from Hotel to Harbour
  • Speedboat transfer from Padang to Villa Onu

We require 5 days in advanced to book this service.


Located off Sumatra is the Indonesian Island of Sipora. This is the heavenly location of our all-inclusive surf villa. While it might be the smallest of the Mentawai Islands, Sipora is actually the most developed of the four. It is the sublime scenery, island conveniences, and impressive ocean swells that lure surfers and nature lovers to this stunning island year-round. Approximately 1/4 of the island's original rainforest remains, allowing visitors to soak up unspoiled views on an outdoor adventure.

We will take you to the best waves in the area that suits your ability. You will learn how waves are formed, how weather conditions create the surf & are given the step-by-step guidance that will have you up & riding the waves on your first day.

During your stay, it will also be possible to do other activities such as kayaking, stand-up paddling, snorkeling, fishing & beach BBQ, yoga, beach & jungle Stroll, playing volleyball, local sightseeing, and going on day trips (Mangrove, Bat Cave or Maccas/Greenbush).

Getting there
1. Take a flight to Padang - Minangkabau International Airport. Airline options – Garuda Indonesia, Batik Air, Air Asia, Citi... read more
1. Take a flight to Padang - Minangkabau International Airport. Airline options – Garuda Indonesia, Batik Air, Air Asia, Citilink. 2. Once you get to the airport our resort representative will be waiting for you holding the sign “Villa Onu Padang”... read more

Villa Onu

Leading trips since 2020
Reservations manager

Villa Onu, right next door to Hollow Tree's Resort, is a project that we developed just a few years after starting our main lodge. The villa was made to offer a more intimate option to our guests, thinking about groups and families who want a unique and private Mentawai experience.


Just like at Hollow Tree's, maintaining the natural beauty of this incredible place is of huge importance to us. We use papaya stem straws, no plastic bottles, all guest get their refillable bottle. Our organic hydroponic garden gives us salads, cherry tomatoes, basil, mint, coriander. Every day we work hard to improve our efforts to become even more sustainable.

Languages: English
Response rate: 100%
Response time: Within 24 hours

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What's included?
Villa facilities (canoe, SUP), surf guide, air-conditioning and hot water, en-suite bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, cinema room, bluetooth speaker, infinity pool facing Indian ocean, gazebo area, be... read more
What's not included?
Flights, beverages tab, extra guests (USD100/adult and USD70/kids), laundry service, fishing trip/equipment by Mentawai Fishing, hotel in Padang, massage, surf coaching, Mentawai Government Surfing Ta... read more
Can I book a private room?
Yes, booking private rooms is possible upon request and depends on availability.
Ferry Schedule
The ferry departs from Padang on: Monday - 7.00 am to Tuapejat | Wednesday - 7.00 am to Tuapejat | Friday - 7.00 am to Tuapejat | Sunday - 10.00 am to Tuapejat. Travel time from Padang to Tuapejat by... read more
What's the cancellation policy?
Cancel and get a full refund within 48 hours of purchase, or at least 90 days before the trip starts.