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"Experience the freedom and enjoyment of sailing the Caribbean sea and traveling to idyllic islands on a sailboat. Enjoy the isolated surf breaks in the beautiful waters of Panama, discover the spectacular world under its tranquil waters, and get the rods out, crack a beer and get ready for the freshest ceviche of your life."

The surf

Peak swell
Variable swell

The Bocas del Toro archipelago has some of the best surf breaks in the world. It consists of 7 islands and more than 200 islets, so there are plenty of surf spots to choose from. The best time to surf in Bocas del Toro is December through March, but it can get very crowded in the more accessible locations.

Many of the best surf spots are less accessible from land or require many hours of traveling in an uncomfortable water taxi. With us, you can enjoy the unique experience of sailing to various surf breaks and anchoring close by. You can enjoy the waves, paddle to the boat to grab something to eat/drink or take a break, and go surfing again, to your heart’s content.

The main surf season and the best time to surf in Bocas del Toro is December through March. This time is high season for tourism and also for waves.

During December and January is peak season in Panama and when there are more tourists. Therefore, crowds tend to get bigger, but it is worth it as this is also when the waves are the biggest and when the swell is the most consistent.

If you are looking to escape from the crowds, February is one of the best months. The weather is still good and the crowds are already gone.

March can see more crowds, especially during Spring Break. During this month, the weather and the swell are still good. During April, the waves get smaller and there are more beach breaks. June is when the weather is sunny and the swell increases and it is good for beach breaks.

July is a rainy month but one of the best of the year for surfing. There are consistent big swells. August has sunny weather and smaller swells typically good for beach breaks. However, during September, October and November, the surf is not so good in Bocas.

The boat

It is difficult to describe the pure joy and sense of euphoria one experiences as soon as the sails are hoisted, the engines are turned off, and you leave the noise and clutter of land behind. There is no better way to travel and experience true freedom for us.

With its mild weather, calm seas and crystal clear waters, the Caribbean Sea is ideal for cruising; and sailing is the best way to enjoy the spectacular views and wildlife it has to offer. Apart from the beautiful scenery, you can expect to see dolphins, rays and many different species of fish and birds underway. If you’re lucky, you will see the bio-luminescence at night or spot a turtle swimming past.

SurfnSail will take you on an adventure aboard the Aventura 1 boat, a 2005 Robertson and Caine Leopard 40 Catamaran. It includes 4 Cabins, being six bunk beds able to accommodate up to 8 adults and 2 kids.

The boat includes:

  • 220v/ 110V outlets
  • Aircon
  • Generator
  • 2 x 40 hp Volvo penta motors
  • Watermaker
  • Fan and reading lights in every cabin
  • Full galley
  • Nespresso cappuccino maker
  • BBQ
  • Caribe dinghy with 25hp outboard motor
  • Fishing gear
  • Snorkelling gear
  • Spearfishing gear
  • Stand Up Paddleboard
  • Floating matt
  • Floating bar
  • Pool noodles
  • Wifi internet (when in range)
  • Satellite phone (for emergencies)
Getting there
Fly to Bocas Del Toro International Airport (BOC).
Fly to Bocas Del Toro International Airport (BOC).

SurfnSail was founded by Marius and Mireille in 2021. Marius, the captain, has been sailing and working in the yachting industry for over 15 years – mostly on the east coast of America and the Caribbean.

Marius is an experienced surfer, spear-fisherman, and freediver. He will make sure you enjoy every moment of your trip and reach your destination safely.

Mireille has been sailing with Marius for the last 5 years in Cape Town, South Africa. She is an attorney by profession – but left her law practice in South Africa to start SurfnSail with Marius.

She manages the bookings, payments, and provisioning; and will ensure that the boat is always neat and clean, that there are always enough snacks and drinks, and that your every need is catered for.

Languages: English
Response rate: 100%
Response time: Within 13 hours

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What's included?
Accommodation, meals, alcoholic beverages, fishing gear, snorkeling gear, spearfishing gear, stand-up paddleboard, floating matt, floating bar, pool noodles, wifi internet (when in range), and satelli... read more
What's not included?
Flights, travel insurance, airport transfers, tours and activities.
Can solo travelers join a group?
No. We only book out for groups, not individual travellers.
What's the cancellation policy?
Cancel and get a full refund within 48 hours of purchase, or at least 30 days before the trip starts.