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Waves, nature and relaxation

"Punta de Lobos is the perfect place to connect with the surrounding nature. Our lodge is the heart of surf culture in Chile. Surf during the day, and treat yourself to our saunas and hot tubs at night."

The surf

Peak swell
Variable swell

The lefts off Punta de Lobos are consistent, and often epic. This is a great spot for any aspiring big-wave riders, as it's pretty deep out there and your chances for serious injury are minimal. The cliffs protect the break from the dreaded - and almost daily - SW wind. This break has many sections and moods, depending on the swell and tide. When it's giant (rideable up to solid 20-foot), the lineup is way outside the big rock (the experienced big wave riders take off right in front of the rock). When it's double-overhead-plus, the wave is actually more gentle - other than sheer size, it's not a super intimidating big wave and can push you a few hundred yards with blissful barrels. Though this spot can get crowded, there are a few different take-off zones to space surfers out a bit.

Punta de Lobos is the hotspot for intermediate and advance surfers. While Pichilemu is more geared towards beginners. Both spots offer a solid left and regardless of your surf level, the glassy waves of Pichilemu and Punta de Lobos will surely have you shredding daily and having a great surf adventure in Chile.

The lodge

Punta de Lobos is the perfect place to connect with nature. We have 8 rooms and two houses for up to 10 guests. This is the perfect environment for a couple, a small group of friends, or a small family with older kids (we do not accommodate kids younger than 8 years old).


Our bar is surrounded by a lot of nature, making every meal a special occasion to appreciate its surroundings and disconnect. We are currently offering delicious artisan pizzas and outstanding cocktails to enjoy with your group.


During the day, join our team in a surf lesson or go explore our breaks on your own. After a long morning riding fun waves, have a special massage with our Cahuil salt in our SPA, or just relax in one of our saunas and swimming pools. We have some of the most special treatments for relaxation that will help make your trip the best self-care vacation that you have ever taken. In the evening, enjoy our house-made pizza with selected ingredients directly from our restaurant in front of our traditional bonfire. Don't forget to look up and appreciate the amazing sky full of stars that will greet you every night of your stay.

Getting there
Fly to Arturo Merino Benítez Airport. From there, take a 3 hours transfer to us (can be arranged for an extra cost) or drive.
Fly to Arturo Merino Benítez Airport. From there, take a 3 hours transfer to us (can be arranged for an extra cost) or drive.

Punta de Lobos


Punta de Lobos is the heart of surf culture in Chile. This is where many of Chile's best surfers honed their skills. The point is also the historic home to generations of artisanal fishermen who hand-harvest kelp, shellfish, and local fish species.

Save The Waves

Punta Lobos was approved as a World Surfing Preserve in 2013. This unique region is a global biodiversity hotspot, boasting incredible marine and terrestrial resources. The cold nutrient-rich waters attract a variety of species such as Southern Right Whales, Fin whales, Southern Sperm whales, Orcas, common sea lions, sea turtles, Humboldt, and Magellanic penguins, oystercatchers, cormorants, gulls, pelicans, and boobies. Growing on the point itself are a number of unique plant species, including the cactus Echinopsis bolligeriana, which has been identified as an endangered endemic species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

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What's included?
Breakfast, swimming pool access, 50 min in one of our saunas per night of accommodation, 1 hour in our hot tubs for every 2 nights of accommodation, parking spot, TV, and wifi in common areas.
What's not included?
Flights, transfers, meals, snacks, rental boards, surf classes, yoga classes, bike rental. All are available for an extra fee.
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Cancel and get a full refund within 48 hours of purchase, or at least 90 days before the trip starts.