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Private & shared rooms

A unique blend of uncrowded waves and Senegalese culture

"A paradise on a tiny island surrounded by a few world-class waves, close to the city center of Dakar, a perfect place to chill after a long day of surfing. We are waiting for you to come and enjoy our Endless Summer type of life."

The surf

Peak swell
Variable swell

Located on the Western tip of Africa, N'Gor Island is exposed to both swells from the North and South Atlantic, meaning consistent waves all year round. Every day our local surf guides will take you to the best of the 21 surrounding surf spots, suited to your level and the surf conditions on the day.

The Dakar peninsula attracts swell from the North, West, and South, offering potentially Africa's largest and most consistent swell window.

The waves here are consistent all year round - almost twice as consistent as France and Morocco in summer, and despite nearly half a century of surfing in Senegal, there has never been a shark incident on a surfer. We always do our best to make sure that our guests are at the best place at the right time, monitoring the local swell forecasts and, most importantly, getting an eyes-on report of the spots at first light.

Surf trips at the camp run all day, so if dawn patrol isn't your thing, you can join the several other trips that leave throughout the day, either by 4x4 or by boat drop-off straight at the peak.

The lodge

The surf camp is located on the tiny island of NGor, Africa’s westernmost point just off the coast of Dakar, Senegal. This spot has become a trendy place and a surfer hideaway, as this is home to Senegal's most famous wave, the NGor right.

The island is very peaceful and relaxed. The boat bringing you across the water is a 'pirogue' (traditional fishing boat). As soon as you step off the boat, you will feel the exotic atmosphere. Walking around the island, you can find small galleries offering art and music.

Our surf camp offers both private rooms and dorm-style accommodation. All rates include an all-inclusive style of services, including daily surf guiding, breakfast, and dinner.

The camp offers a chillout area with a pool, outside showers, and sunbeds - a perfect place to relax after a long day surfing. Right in one of the highest parts of the island, there are sea views from everywhere in the house, perhaps the most spectacular being on the roof terrace, where we enjoy the 360-degree view of all the waves surrounding Ngor. From here, you can also see the stunning sunset over the Atlantic ocean at the most western point of Africa.

Breakfast & dinner

We offer a wide range of tasty energy foods for breakfast in a western-style cold buffet format. Items found on the breakfast table include pancakes, tuna toasts, exotic West African fruit and jam, seasonal fruit of Senegal, cheese, eggs, butter, honey, and much more. There is also a wide range of beverages available all day, such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and local Senegalese tea. Breakfast is served every day from 07:30-10:00 and is included as standard with all accommodations.

For powering up in the morning, we also offer Baobab powder (fruit from the African baobab tree) and Moringa powder (drumstick tree). These powders are often recognized as super-foods as they contain high concentrations of vitamins and fiber.

We take pride in celebrating and encouraging people to discover the traditional food of Senegal and West Africa, which is delicious. The food is completely fresh as the kitchen team goes to the local market every morning to buy ingredients for the evening meal. The fish used is caught by the local fishermen on the island. Therefore it is fresh, local, and sustainable!

Dinner is served every day at 20:00, including two courses (starter or a dessert), and is included as standard with all accommodation.

Starters and desserts include local fish soup, fataya, moringa goat cheese, and delicious homemade muffins. We also offer a choice of Senegalese vegetarian food.


Surfing and Yoga go together like pieces of a puzzle. We're stoked to have an amazing mosaic rooftop where we can host weekly classes led by local, fully qualified yoga teachers from Dakar, as well as guest teachers from abroad. Mats and blocks are provided!

Massage & physiotherapy

Surf everyday injury-free by booking a professional recovery sports massage from our resident physiotherapist, Pierre-Louis 'Ocean' Denaro - yes, the same guy who owns the surf camp!

Pierre-Louis is specialized in surf medicine, serving as the Head of Medical to the Senegalese national surf team. He has vast experience in surfing injuries, having provided medical support at the world championship and WSL surfing events. He is also part of the academy team at Surfing Medicine International - the global leading medical association for surf medicine.

Island life

On the bayside, you will find quiet white sandy beaches where you can swim, relax or eat lunch. The local beachside restaurants serve different fish, gambas, lobster, all caught by the local N'Gor fisherman. There are also two small grocery shops selling drinks, snacks, and common daily items. ​ The nightlife on the island is very calm and quiet. At the camp, we organize barbecues with music and there is always a place to have a drink on the beach. You can also take a boat to the mainland (Dakar), which is only 5 minutes away, where you will find exciting parties and bars in the best Senegal style. We promise that you will find what you are looking for.

Surf school

Surfing is for everyone. We have lessons for all ages, levels, and personal needs. To people who have seen a surfboard or the sea before, to those who already have previous experience of surfing but still don't feel comfortable with it, and those who have been riding waves for years and want to improve their technique. The teachers at the surf school are all local surfers with industry-standard ISA qualifications & national lifeguard diplomas. Many are either current or ex-athletes for the Senegalese national surf team. They will teach you how to surf, guide you to the best surf spots and give you an all-African surfing experience.

As well as surf lessons, we also run surf theory classes, free of charge!

Getting there
Fly into Blaise Diagne International Airport (DSS- Dakar Airport). We provide 24/7 pick-up service from the final stop (Yoff)... read more
Fly into Blaise Diagne International Airport (DSS- Dakar Airport). We provide 24/7 pick-up service from the final stop (Yoff) on the airport shuttle bus. Otherwise, we can offer a direct airport transfer for an extra fee for up to 5 people. You can s... read more

Our slogan is Serious about Surfing. Awesome in Accommodation. The former points to the type of surfers we love to host: intermediate to advanced who love full-day surf itineraries with 4x4 transfers, post-dinner surf conversation and surf-themed activities such as surf fitness, surf theory, video coaching, and surf cinema.

For beginners, we have a very professional surf school comprising of ISA-qualified instructors and a full quiver of premium soft boards from Ocean Earth. The rest of our rental quiver is diverse, professionally maintained and boasts premium shaping names. We are NOT a surf camp where you find old yellow boards full of dings to rent.

Awesome in accommodation means that not only do we provide all the essentials necessary for an awesome surf trip, we also curate the atmosphere at camp to be social, warm, friendly and inclusive. Our staff, coaches, and volunteers are all trained to be attentive to detail, compassionate and to treat guests as esteemed friends, not just clients. They are there to answer questions, fuel stoke, organize requests, and provide solutions and alternatives to problems when necessary.

Pierre-Louis Denaro has been with Ngor Island Surfcamp since 2017. He is originally from France but grew up mainly in the UK.

Besides the surf camp, he also works for the Senegalese Federation of Surfing/national team, where he is heavily involved in developing surfing in the country as well as West Africa. He has treasured connections to surf projects in Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast and Ghana.

He is a level 2 certified international surf judge, a level 1 certified surf coach, and an ambassador for two surf brands: The West Factory Surfboards from Ivory Coast and Saint Jacques Wetsuits from France.

Pierre is also a sports physiotherapist, specialized in Surf Medicine and is part of the academy team at Surfing Medicine International, the leading global association for surf medicine.

Languages: English
Response rate: 100%
Response time: Within 24 hours

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Casual surfer, Sep 2022
Pierre and the team at Ngor Island Surfcamp were truly great hosts. Communication was timely, professional and very useful. It made getting to Se... show more
Pierre and the team at Ngor Island Surfcamp were truly great hosts. Communication was timely, professional and very useful. It made getting to Senegal and enjoying my tim... show more
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What's included?
Accommodation, breakfast, dinner, surf theory classes, final stop transfer, and surf cinema sessions.
What's not included?
Flights, travel insurance, alcoholic beverages, and airport transfer.
Do I need to be vaccinated?
A yellow fever vaccination is recommended but not mandatory to enter the country. Cases of yellow fever in Senegal are extremely rare and virtually non-existent in Dakar. However, a yellow fever va... read more
Can I always get to and out of the Island?
The taxi boats run all day and night. There is a list of phone numbers of the different boatmen in the camp, which you can call if it is very late at night.
Whats is the currency in Senegal?
The currency in Senegal is the West African CFA franc (currency code XOF) and it has an official fixed exchange rate to the euro: 1 Euro= 655 CFA (although the commonly accepted 'street exchange rate... read more
What's the water temperature in Senegal?
Board shorts/bikini temperature from June to November. 2/2 shorty from November to December and from May until June. 3/2 full suit from December to May.
What kind of waves are there in Senegal?
We are blessed in Senegal to have an abundance of different breaks (mostly point breaks and beach breaks) adapted for all levels, from complete beginner to advanced barrel riders.
What surf leve does the surf school require?
All levels are welcome at the surf school and we go to different surf spots depending on the group level. For example, if we have complete beginners and people who are already improving, our surf teac... read more
Since Senegal is a Muslim country, do I need to wear anything in special?
You can wear whatever you want. Senegal is a very progressive muslim country, demonstrated by the younger generation who wear bikinis and drink beers on the beach.
What's the nightlife like in Dakar?
There is a thriving nightlife on the streets and in the nightclubs of Dakar. One can drift through the sounds of Afro Cuban Jazz towards more contemporary beats of hip-hop. In general, Dakar is a very... read more
What's the cancellation policy?
Cancel and get a full refund within 48 hours of purchase, or at least 30 days before the trip starts.