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Steps away from world-class surf breaks

"We know where, when, and how to surf lesser-known and secret spots around us and our surrounding islands. The tides, winds, directions of swells are all imprinted on the back of our brains. Come surf, eat, or relax with us!"

The surf

Peak swell
Variable swell

Rote offers an excellent variety of waves for all conditions and levels of surfing. Goofy foot or forehand, there’s always an epic wave accessible from Malole that needs quality surfing. Discovery is the staple of surf travel and so you will find a menu of optional surf venues to T-land, the majority accessible via our boat excursion fleet and knowledgeable surf gurus.

The key to success is knowledge of the breaks, which Malole is not short on. Between Diego and Felipe (the founders), there are over 35 years of experience with Rote and surrounding island surf spots. Wave assortment is excellent, with surf that would suit long and short boarders, beginners, and advanced surfers alike.

The surf and weather for the greater Rote region play out in three seasons:

  • The dry season (May-September)
  • The wet season (December-March)
  • The transitional/shoulder seasons (March&April, October&November).

From June through August/September Rote is a swell magnet, picking up the much-celebrated Indian Ocean swell-train tracking up towards West Australia and the upper latitudes. Certainly, every ocean has its characteristics that make up the formula for consistent, quality surf but few are blessed with those of the Indian Ocean’s strength and power.

The shoulder season March/April and October/November is a great time to be in Rote with a great variety of waves and a lack of visitors. Swells may be less consistent, but the exploration of other spots, laid-back atmosphere, and insane fishing makes up for it.

The key features for swell and magical surf are fetch, wind duration, wind direction, and coastal contour. When waves steam into Nembrala Bay at T-land, they have been borne the offspring of massive storm swells in the deep Antarctic. These swells have undergone an extended fetch if not hundreds, but thousands of miles. (It is not uncommon to see twenty-second intervals). These are finely groomed swells generating immense energy and power. Finally, when they power into our shoreline, they are bent and angled by our numerous angular coves and reefs and then finished to perfection with the prevailing direct offshore trade wind.

The strength of our trade winds can mirror those of the Hawaiian Islands, blowing the strongest during June, July, and August. Light offshore and variable wind conditions prevail typically in early and late seasons. The resulting shoulder season climatic recipe makes for ideal conditions for the outer islands and polishes the right-handers to a reflective blue-green glass or feathering offshore. The surf is typically less consistent during the shoulder season, but the crowds are thinner, variety is the spice of life and big days are not unusual.

The lodge

Traditional, comfortable, and right in front of the best Indonesian surf. We are located on the powder white sands of Nemberala Beach, Rote Island, directly in front of world-class surf breaks.

Our place is for the traveler who enjoys merging into surfing culture and heritage - as one of our partners is Felipe Pomar, the first surf world champion. Per our love for the sea and the ambiance of Rote, we have taken a vow of minimum impact on the environment. Eco-friendly and environmental stability is the way to go. Our use of indigenous materials and building plans, solar power, and reverse osmosis water processing all contribute to pride in our sustainability. We are committed to providing excellent surfing, sleeping, and eating and a continuance of excellence over the years. You must take care of the environment to reap its rewards for the years to come.


Healthy, organic, and homemade, this is not gonna be your traditional Indonesian surf trip experience. Each day provides a new opportunity to sample Maria’s (our incredible chef) gourmet South American, Mediterranean, and Asian fusion dishes. Local ethnic flavors complement the high-end culinary execution of each dish, leading the consumer to count the minutes until the next meal. With international culinary education, Maria’s expertise brings high-end cuisine and local dishes together.

Getting there
Fly from Bali to Kupang. Then, there are flight or boat alternatives available. Please, contact us to know the best schedule... read more
Fly from Bali to Kupang. Then, there are flight or boat alternatives available. Please, contact us to know the best schedule at the moment.

The ultimate Rote dream has come to fruition, Malole Surf House pioneered the Nembrala surf scene. Every year our devotee guests, come back year after year for the surf, the food, and the hospitality. Book your trip today and join our Malole family.

Since the beginning of Malole Surf House, Felipe, Diego, and Maria have made the necessary adjustments to keep guests coming back year after year. They focus on keeping the groups of guests small to ensure satisfaction for each and every person to walk through their door. Quality and comfort are synonymous with the team of Malole staff attending to the guests every day. From the moment you wake there is someone there to attend to breakfast, to drive a boat out to the surf breaks, to tie up any loose ends, and allow for ultimate relaxation on land and fun in the water.

Languages: English, Spanish
Response rate: 100%
Response time: Within 23 hours

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What's included?
Three meals, unlimited boat service (T-land), daily housekeeping, hot water & A/C, drinking water, in-room private wifi, laundry service, one boat trip to Doo desert island, pushbikes, SUP boards, one... read more
What's not included?
Flights, additional yoga lessons, surfboard rentals, boat excursions to other surf spots, mangrove kayak excursions, diving, snorkelling and fishing. Send us a message for more information.
Do I need to book separate accommodation from the moment I land until the ferry leaves?
Yes. You will have to book accommodation in the city so we suggest booking accommodations and transfers through us, so you can get to Malole comfortably and hassle-free. Travel logistics to remote pla... read more
Are there discounts for children or non-surfers?
Yes. Children under 12 years old have a 50% discount and non-surfers have a 10% discount.
What's the cancellation policy?
Cancel and get a full refund within 48 hours of purchase, or at least 30 days before the trip starts.