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Surf culture and community vibes

"Rote Island is full of secrets and surprises that will make you fall in love with this special place. Come experience this surfing paradise, with excellent waves, great food, fascinating culture and everything you need so you can take days at your pace and enjoy the best of life."

The surf

Peak swell
Variable swell

The waves on and around Rote need little introduction. From the famous long left-hander on Besialu reef (or also known as T-Land) to the long whackable walls of Boa and the tubes of Sucky Mama's there are just about always extremely high-quality waves on offer to suit all abilities.

The surf and weather for this region play out in three seasons: the dry season (May-September), the wet season (December-March), and the transitional/shoulder seasons (March and April, October and November).

From June through August/September, Rote is a swell magnet, picking up the much-celebrated Indian Ocean swell-train tracking up towards West Australia and the upper latitudes. Indeed, every ocean has characteristics that make up the formula for consistent, quality surf, but few are blessed with those of the Indian Ocean’s strength and power.

The shoulder season March/April and October/November is a great time to be in Rote with a great variety of waves and a lack of visitors. Swells may be less consistent, but exploring other spots, a laid-back atmosphere, and insane fishing makes up for it.

The lodge

The Keong Experience is designed to help you make the most of your precious time, whether by relaxing by the pool, scoring a fantastic early session on a new swell, or having a laid back day with the family. Keong is the Indonesian word for "shell". The entire Keong Villa experience has been designed around taking inspiration from the beautiful curves in our wonderful area and turning them into a sense of flow.

Like those curves, each villa has unique, beautiful, natural living and breathing spaces that you'll remember long after your stay. The Keong Villas are designed to capture the breeze, which provides a natural airflow that a typical "box" style of accommodation cannot do.


We have an incredible Argentinian Chef, Maria Pinero, trained in Spain, whose creativity and cuisine are like nothing else on the island. She was featured as one of the best cookers on Rote Island by Lonely Planet. On the other hand, if you want to eat out, there are restaurants within a short walk. Each Keong also has its kitchen if you'd prefer to eat in.

Surfing and other activities

For beginners, we have fun waves at Squealers and the Bombie and a whole range of reefs and reef passes if SUP or foiling is your thing.

​We also recognize time is precious, so we work on your time, not ours. Our shuttle boats are on-demand, so you and your friends or family can surf on your schedule and pick the tides and winds you prefer.

Explore Rote Island's clear turquoise water filled with abundant fish and coral. Explore what lies beneath with our snorkel gear or go out on a diving expedition to go deeper into the Indian Ocean.

​Fisherman, may we advise you that these island channels are unexploited by sports fishermen for the most part. This should be inspiration enough for the brave sportsman to book one of our boat charters out to fish Rote’s offshore islands. Each of these small gems offers an intriguing venue for trolling, bottom fishing opportunities and spearfishing.

See more of the beaches and bays with a bird’s eye view. In addition, rocky headlands provide picturesque photo opportunities and a new perspective.

An adventure all its own, few things compare to the feeling of sailing in the tropics. With the steady trade winds, sailing on our 34 foot Warram Catamaran is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The trade winds that groom our perfect surf also serve another purpose: filling your kite and propelling you across the Southern tip of Rote. Kiteboarders will find their paradise on a three-kilometer strip of sand known as “Kite Beach”, with daily 18-24 knot winds throughout the regular dry season.

Island Exploration

  • Guided day tour: An island tour inside a comfortable car will take you to places you cannot find on your own, spots that are known only to in-the-know locals, worthy of a camera, good company and a Bintang.

  • Bicycling: Our bevy of bicycles is awaiting your legs to take them through the village roads and up into the island for sweeping views and isolated white sand beaches.

  • Motorbiking: If you’re keen to take a more motorized approach to your exploration, contact us for a rental scooter and drive off into the sunset.

  • Quaint village roads allow for easy exploration. There is much fun simply touring the narrow, quiet one-lane roads that curve through the small beachside villages. Park your bike and kick off your sandals; around every corner is a new lagoon to discover.

The Perfect Day

Our perfect day is at the right wave at the perfect moment. For that, we offer a surfing experience for our guests so they can have a fully local experience. After a surf session, we like to enjoy the best food of the Island. For us, the perfect day is this: to enjoy the best waves from the comfort that Keong has to offer. And from the flexibility of having the alternative of enjoying the hassle-free Malole services or merging into the local community doing your own thing. Here, you will feel like this is home!

Getting there
Fly to Kupang El Tari Airport (KOE). Take the ferry from Kupang to Rote¹. Upon arrival, you will be met by one of our represe... read more
Fly to Kupang El Tari Airport (KOE). Take the ferry from Kupang to Rote¹. Upon arrival, you will be met by one of our representatives, who will take you along the 45 minute trip from Ba'a to Nembrala². It is possible to book all transfers with Keong... read more

Keong is the result of 20 years of experience. It is all about lifestyle! Nature, surf, health, cool vibes!

Sustainability and footprint minimizing

The first thing for us to minimize our footprint is to respect the Island, its nature, its culture and its people. We have lived in complete harmony with the local community for over 20 years on a two-way road relationship. We also have solar power - 40% of our power comes from the solar system, green Septic system to minimize contamination impact and save water on watering plants called “switch water treatment system.” One of the significant impacts of tourism on the Island is contamination through wastewater.

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