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"Surf the Dominican Republic's expansive north coast, littered with stellar beach and reef setups. We've got plenty of great-shaped waves with room to move, as the lineups here are still undiscovered and uncrowded. Dominican Republic Surf Adventures has been scoring traveling surfers quality waves for 12 years now. We help surfers of all levels improve their skills, and provide access to top notch lineups and equipment."

The surf

Peak swell
Variable swell

The Dominican Republic is an excellent surf destination September through May. North Atlantic swells pour onto these polished shelves, producing memories that won't soon fade away. We surf with you, not just point it out to you, and surfers traveling solo have a surf buddy.

Reef & beach breaks

Depending on the swell and wind conditions, there are a variety of waves on the North Coast for different types of surfers. The North Coast of the DR has a long unpopulated coastline with rugged headlands. There is no reason to sit in a crowded lineup when there is an empty one waiting! The reefs are the sought after jewels. They offer consistent paced, peeling sections, great to draw one's surfing out into flowing lines. Reefs also give a channel to paddle back out, and one doesn't have to chase down the peak. They come to the same spot.

The beach breaks are wide open, emerald green, dumping A frames and beach runners. They don't break too far out, and provide some quicker, intense sections.


Most of the area's reef breaks start to light up on the North and Northeast swells that start in October and continue through April. As winter "nor'easter" storms move off the Northeast coast of the US, they immediately start sending swell southward, and continue to stay in our swell window for their entirety. It is not uncommon to have week long periods of overhead North and Northeast swell during this time of year. Winds are normally light offshore in the mornings, eventually giving way to Easterly trade winds in the afternoons. Evening glass-off sessions happen regularly, as the ocean tends to dean up fast here. With a few wind protected coves and bays, the afternoon session is common and often empty.

Because of the Easterly trade winds, the Amber coast still has plenty of surf from May to September. Although not usually bigger than "head high", there is always a wave that will make your day. These months are perfect for surfers that just want fun small waves with no crowds.

In the Caribbean, there are many hurricanes, that send epic summer time surf to the DR. Being relatively out of danger in this location, the passing hurricanes send swell, and suck out all the wind, providing whole weeks of glassy conditions and solid swell. These storms occur usually between July and September.


The shift between high and low tides is only 2-4 feet on any given day in the lunar cycle. For this reason, most spots are generally surfable throughout the day. Usually being a little softer on the high tide and heavier on the low.

The adventure

Welcome to the Caribbean! It's warm year round here. Water is low to mid 80s, and the air into the low 90s. We usually start early, with fruit, granola, yogurt and coffee/tea. Load the gear, and we're off. We use road and walk-in access. There aren't too many boat access spots around, although we do use them at times. Most of our surf spots are within an hour or hour and a half, so surf to travel ratio is high.

We surf throughout the morning, usually squeeze 2 surfs in before about 1pm. The good days that we have here, we show up and get great surf, usually by our selves, and usually closer to home than one would think. We pride ourselves on not overrunning the surf, and connecting surfers with the type of waves they enjoy. Here we can plop down and surf for long periods of time, and really repeat the motion on similar waves. Repetition really gets surfers in tune.

As the afternoon winds come up and give us a chance to get out of the sun and get something to eat. We are always near, rich local eateries, and watering holes. There are wind protected afternoon spots also depending on swell angle. So with a midday relocation, we're back in the water for an afternoon frolic, on a semi consistent basis. The area is mostly reefs and beaches.

After exploring a variety of beaches and breaks we pack up and unload. After surfing, there are countless alternative activities in the various areas in which we are surfing: fresh water lagoons, indigenous caves, waterfalls, trams and nature hikes, historical fort and city tour. We have great bays for snorkeling, scuba diving, paddle boarding and waterskiing. Deep sea fishing, and kite and wind surf are some other popular attractions.

The area is ripe for happy hour, sunset, and night time hangouts and fun. Our guests usually like to take part in evening activities too.


We are fortunate to be located in an area full of available accommodations of all types. Dominican Republic Surf Adventures lies between the two towns of Sosua and Cabarete, where there are hotels villas and condos, close to night life or the surf.

There are many restaurants, both international as well as local, and we are happy to provide prepared meals on demand. We custom fit your accommodation to match your taste and preferred location. Regardless of where you stay, we guarantee a relaxed and inclusive environment. ​

Rest easy in one of our cosy and modern 1 bedroom apartments complete with a fully equipped kitchen, living area, dining area, king size bed, AC, TV and high speed internet, all just a stones throw away from the surfers paradise of Playa Encuentro.

Sit back and relax in our cosy and comfortable living area, complete with HD TV, fast internet and tropical views. Sleep like a king on our full king size beds in every room. To accommodate extra guests, some of the rooms have a fold out sofa bed.

Whether you’re cooking at home or getting take out, enjoy a sit down meal in our dining area. Also a restaurant featuring exquisite and healthy cuisine. There’s nothing quite like a home-cooked meal, which is why we’ve ensured our kitchens are fully-equipped for all of your culinary needs. From cooking utensils, to pans, alarm clocks and towels, our rooms come equipped with everything to help you feel right at home. Whether you fill your day with adventures or relaxation, our housekeeping team ensure you return home to a spotless room.

Getting there
Fly to Puerto Plata International Airport and we'll meet you there. Our international airport is well-connected to many major... read more
Fly to Puerto Plata International Airport and we'll meet you there. Our international airport is well-connected to many major cities in the US, making a trip to the Dominican Republic quick and easy.

Dominican Republic Surf Adventures

Leading trips since 2009
Allan Landgren
Allan Landgren

I came here in 2007 to scout out the fringe coastlines and start a surf camp. After scouring and scoring, it was wave consistency that became the priority. When I got involved in the local surf community here, it was the long-lost friends I never had, and predictable short trips to score great and empty waves, that endeared this area to me. We went through years serving the 4-6 guy surf trip. We now also guide smaller groups and couples as well. Our happy place has become intimacy, and intricacy in the surf trip.

The relationships have always been my favorite part of my surf trips, and it is with our guests too. I recently got an email from an old guest who had been here while my wife was pregnant. My daughter is 9 now, and this guy is still thinking about us. That's meaningful.

My favorite moments rarely photographed and all burned into my memory. It's calling a spot for the day, and getting there to see the first set. The looks that we exchange with each other as we're hurrying to get ready. Tipping the scales heavy on the side of potential, and verifying the guests' choice to get going with us, and not on their own. Because they never would have made it here without us.


As we all know, littering is bad in these countries, so education and role modeling is a great way to start. Trash pick-ups and calling out others that litter, are commonplace. Society polices itself, and in this society, we are working to make personal responsibility a duty, not optional. We all use less plastic than we used to. But overall these countries are so far behind in the carbon footprint race, it can get a little overwhelming. Waves for water has a strong presence, as well as 4 ocean. There are efforts to attach to for sure.

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Avid surfer, Jan 2022
Allan Landgren's guidance was worth it all - we surfed 21 days out of 26 and 19 was awesome and 2 was good - it says it all - well done.
Allan Landgren's guidance was worth it all - we surfed 21 days out of 26 and 19 was awesome and 2 was good - it says it all - well done.
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