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"Bukubaki is the perfect place for the holidays of active families, for adventurous people who are looking for exciting experiences, mindfulness and relaxation, as well as for those who want to take a journey into deeper understanding and connection with themselves, nature, ocean, and life."

The surf

Peak swell
Variable swell

Peniche is known as the Wave Capital of Portugal, with the most consistent and biggest variety of waves anywhere in the country. The key to these conditions is the varied coastline, formed over time as the islands of Peniche and Baleal joined to the mainland, creating peninsulas with beaches facing in different directions. This means that no matter the swell or wind direction, there’s always a good place to surf.

Peniche is home to the world-class beach break of Supertubos. You don’t have to be a pro surfer to enjoy a trip to Peniche. The surrounding area has a multitude of waves for all levels, mostly breaking over sand, making this one of the best places in Europe to learn to surf.

The lodge

Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort complements the best surf experience in a familiar atmosphere with an ecologically committed glamping accommodation based on the principles of sustainability without compromising the comfort, appreciated by our most meticulous guests.

The main goal behind Bukubaki is to unite the passion for the active lifestyle of surfing, skateboarding, mountain biking and hiking with the need for peace and tranquillity by offering yoga, meditation, relaxation and massage therapies; embedded in captivating glamping experiences while promoting environmental awareness and the return of the human being to its natural ecosystem.

Bukubaki was born from the inspiration of creating a place that does not alter the natural equilibrium that shelters us. We encourage our guests to honor and respect all forms of living beings and to act in correspondence with their own conscience regarding the preservation of the surrounding nature and minimization of their ecological footprint as well as noise disturbance.


Our hanging houses, halfway between heaven and earth, are like nests in the trees. A child's dream came true, with the comfort of a kitchenette and bathroom.

Canadian rooms

Sleeping in a glamorous tent is one of the great dreams of all who are adventurous and dreamy at heart, offering a comfortable retreat after a day of excitement and sports in natural surroundings.

Sharing Villa

Our Sharing Villa is located inside our small forest, surrounded by countless natural elements that will make all notions of sharing flourish.


Among the pine and eucalyptus trees, you can find our Gastro Bar Juncal N. 6. In the kitchen, we blend simplicity & genuine flavors with lots of love. At the bar, you can find classic cocktails, always seasoned with a hint of well-being.

We use products selected from the best of local agriculture and our sea, never forgetting vegetarian and vegan options.

We also create your dream events: weddings, family reunions, corporate dinners and exclusive parties that have a different "flavor" in our forest.

Relax & action

Our wellness offer includes a traditional Finnish sauna, Massage rooms with a varied selection of massages. Yoga, pilates and reiki also make up our offer.

Between the shadows of pines and eucalyptus, our resort offers a variety of activities so you never feel bored and can practice your favorite sports and activities.

Getting there
Fly to Lisbon Portela Airport (LIS). From there, it's a 1-hour drive to Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort.
Fly to Lisbon Portela Airport (LIS). From there, it's a 1-hour drive to Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort.


Leading trips since 2013
Maria Carvalho
Head of marketing
Maria Carvalho

Bukubaki believes that it can be characterized as innovative and differentiating when it comes to sustainability. The great objective is to return Man to his natural ecosystem and to show that it is possible to live in tranquility and with a balanced lifestyle, which is not an aggressor of the environment.

Our resort is built from natural materials and uses renewable energies, which results in a harmonious combination of convenience and sustainability. This is the vision of the project and that is why it is so characteristic in its area. Canadian Treehouses and Canadian Tents make up our main accommodation offer.

​We encourage the implementation of ecological measures, visible or not, in order to reduce the impact that our resort has.

​The main measures already implemented stand out:

  • Mandatory recycling with separation of food waste
  • Use of recycled materials, for example paper
  • System of LED lights and sensors
  • Water filling system
  • Use of environmentally friendly products
  • Local foods produced organically
  • Use of computer support as a way to send and analyze documents
  • Energy efficiency with the use of photovoltaic and thermal energy
  • Partnership with Geoparque Oeste, candidate for UNESCO world Geoparque
  • Biosphere Committed Company
  • 100% electric transport, with no CO2 emissions.

Languages: English, Portuguese
Response rate: 100%
Response time: Within 24 hours

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Our Sharing Villa is located inside our small forest, surrounded... more
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