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"In between the well-known Puerto Escondido and Salina Cruz, we invite you on a journey into the heart of one of the most surf-rich regions of the world, Southern Oaxaca. Here lies 250km of unspoiled tropical coastline with an abundance of different waves unbeknownst to most. An area where the biodiversity index is amongst the highest in the world and where whales, sea turtles, dolphins, jaguars, and countless bird species call home. With over 30 years of experience as surf guides, we'll guide you through the remarkable waves, culture, wildlife, cuisine, and spirit of Oaxaca."

The surf

Peak swell
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While everyone has heard of Puerto Escondido, the southern part of Oaxaca has many world class waves. One look at the coastline via Google Earth shows you that there is an abundant variety of setups, all directly exposed to Southern Hemisphere swells. From April to October, the ocean comes to life and there is rarely a lull to worry about.

While there may not be a surf cam for hundreds of kilometers, Pablo, our expert surf guide has an extensive network that allows for real-time surf reports (with video!) of many different nooks and stretches of the coast. No matter where you go, it seems as if Pablo knows everyone and he is welcomed as a friend.

On smaller days, there are miles and miles of beach breaks that may line up provide fun, punchy waves and often spitting barrels. On the bigger days, there is an array of different points and reefs that can satisfy surfers at the highest levels. While our focus will be to bring you to secluded spots there are some known breaks in the area, like Barra de La Cruz, that may summon you to test your skills alongside talented locals and other visiting surfers.

The adventure

This surf adventure spans the breaks south of Huatulco and north of Salina Cruz. Each night we will discuss the forecasted conditions and check-in with the group as to the type of wave they seek.

Conditions are generally best in the morning when the wind is calm and the heat of the day is not yet brutal. We may often leave before sunrise to reach a break at sunrise and have the option of checking spots along the way. If the conditions are right and the energy is high, we may stay at one break for hours and then check another location nearby. We can bring plenty of water and snacks to fuel the morning mission and a couple of dollars will get you an excellent local lunch before we head back to Huatulco.


Here at Surf Spirit of Oaxaca, we are committed to making sure you get the best possible waves during your trip. Yet, the surf is only half of what we offer, the other half...well, that is the Spirit of Oaxaca. We believe that bringing people together with respect for their surroundings always leads to positive experiences and lasting memories. We are genuinely excited to show and share with you our home, just be prepared to want to come back soon!

The local cuisine is amazing and affordable and there are an array of bars that have live music and sporting events for those that want some nighttime action. If you feel the call (and have the energy) after surfing we can also arrange for private mezcal tastings and distillery visits, cooking classes, dancing lessons, sailing and fishing trips, waterfall hikes, visits to sea turtle nesting sites, artisanal mezcal tasting with the locals, golfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and much more....just be sure to save some energy because the surf is no joke.


All options are based in Huatulco, yet we can make exceptions and explore more remote options for our more intrepid groups. That being said, Huatulco is a great base as there are many options for every price point and the rich culture of Oaxaca is on display. Whether you’re on a budget and a simple 3-star hotel is all you need, or you’re splurging for the trip of a lifetime and wish to stay in an oceanfront villa complete with a private chef and masseuse, we’ve got you covered.


Getting there
Fly into Huatulco airport (HUX). We'll pick you up at the airport.

Surf Spirit of Oaxaca

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Pablo Narvaez
Pablo Narvaez
Pablo Narvaez

My name is Pablo Narvaez and I was born in Barra de La Cruz. I have over 30 years of experience as a guide in this region. I'm an experienced surfer, passionate environmental activist, and photographer. In a region where the nearest cam is hundreds of kilometers away, my extensive network gives me access to real-time surf reports and exclusive access to protected spots. I'm excited to show you the surf and culture Southern Oaxaca.

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