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Remote surfing destination

"Private and completely off-the-grid, our lodge is a destination all in itself. We are right in front of Punta Abreojos, a beach in Baja California Sur, where the surrounding reefs are abundant with fish, and the waves bring surfers from all over the world."

The surf

Peak swell
Variable swell

Surfing in this area can be excellent year-round with the best wind in spring and the best waves in summer, so, as far as the surf season goes, summer and fall are best but look for a swell originating from south, of a very large north swell. The waves can be good anytime but very windy in the afternoon. Kite and windsurfers have epic wind almost every day in the afternoon.

The best time is morning as the powerful wind comes up every afternoon. There are beach and reef breaks, and right-hand waves are dominant. There are dozens of breaks within a few miles of the lodge. We have a 4x4 truck on-site with a roof rack for morning excursions.

The waves here are inconsistent, but there is always something to ride. And when the waves are good, they are really good.

The lodge

Featuring four beachfront rooms, indoor and outdoor showers, wifi, a private chef, and a daily cleaning service. You will be able to relax on one of the many private decks, watch the waves roll in or dolphins swim by, enjoy the sunrise, sunset in an all-inclusive, first-class service.

We are located about 1.5 miles south of town. It is in an area called La Baliza, the beacon or lighthouse. If it is your first time, arrive in the daylight hours. There are no road signs here, so it is challenging to differentiate between the dirt paths at nighttime.


During your stay, wou will have a chef in loco to make the best meals. The chef will usually make a traditional Mexican breakfast around 8–9 am. Coffee, bread, cheese, and fruit will be available early for the early risers at 7 am. Lunch is more casual and, usually, we have small burritos or sandwiches. Dinner is the meal of the day and will be one or more courses.


The surrounding reefs hold more of the large seabass type of fish than anywhere else possibly in the world. There are fish in the surf, in shallow water, in deep water, such as Sand Bass (unbelievably plentiful), Calico Bass, Yellowtail, White Sea Bass, Sierra Mackerel, Barracuda, Pinto Bass, Gulf Grouper, Broomtail Grouper, Black Sea Bass, Bonita, and offshore species such as Dorado, Tuna, Wahoo, and Marlin just a short trip out to the blue water. We encourage catch and release, but we have to eat, and there is nothing better than fresh Abreojos fish. Talk to us if you are interested in adding a fishing day trip to your booking.


Note that our staff is local and only speaks Spanish. If you need an English-speaking concierge, let us know ahead of time so we can arrange that for an additional fee.

Traveling to a remote area

While wifi is available to make your stay more comfortable, the daily data allowance is limited. Because of that, we ask our guests not to stream movies or music during their stay, or it will shut down the internet for everyone. We suggest you download your online content beforehand so you can still enjoy it if you want.

Power is limited. So, if you want to use hair dryers or high-energy usage appliances, consult the staff before using them. Please also remember to conserve water and limit your time showering.

We are in nature, a desert environment with lots of hazards. Please be aware and educate not just the kids but anyone who is not experienced in the potential dangers in Baja. This means snakes, scorpions, rip tides, sun exposure, stingrays, and even cars on the road that cannot see so good in the dirt.

Getting there
Guests have the option to make the 13-hour journey by car from San Diego, California, or taking a flight into Loreto Internat... read more
Guests have the option to make the 13-hour journey by car from San Diego, California, or taking a flight into Loreto International Airport and drive 5-6 hours. There is also a landing strip in-town called Punta Abreojos Airstrip (5 minutes away), wh... read more

It all started when Keith’s (the owner) parents began taking him on Baja camping trips when he and his brothers were young boys. He has been obsessed with it ever since. Keith started guiding camping trips when he was 19 years old. Then, he went on to get a Masters Degree in Latin American Studies from San Diego State University that allowed him to spend time researching fishing cooperatives in Baja, California. For the last 20 years, he has been building The Black Bass Lodge and is now ready to share it with you.

We believe you will get an authentic integrative experience. At this point, we’ve developed a special relationship with most people in town and have access to creating unique experiences and interactions, from cooking with locals to special fishing spots and history tours. As a result, you’ll really grasp this town and all of its wonders.

Languages: English, Spanish
Response rate: 100%
Response time: Within 24 hours

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Accommodation, private chef and meals during your stay, access to the lounge, dining, patio, and third floor deck.
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Flights, airport transfers, additional beverages other than dispenser water, snacks and extra activities.
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