12+ nights
Private bungalows

A perfect sea without a crowd

"A quest for the perfect wave leads to this island in the middle of nowhere. Or rather, in the middle of a lot of waves. You can surf all day in a perfect sea without a crowd. Colorful corals, thousands of coconut trees, blue water, nature everywhere, and lots and lots of waves. Rights, lefts, sand, coral, whatever you desire."

The surf

Peak swell
Variable swell

Over the last 15 years, we’ve searched and searched, finding so many amazing waves that it’s hard to explain. We surfed many different breaks - some were epic, some weren’t. But all these years of experimenting gave us a knowledge of the area that only time and experience can bring.

With that, we found 18+ completely different, world-class waves. Three of them are located right on the doorstep of our village - Pasti, Lobang, and Nagadens. The other 12 waves are less than a 20-minute boat trip away. Only Jauh, Facas, and Shhh are a little more than an hour away. And it doesn’t stop there. Maybe next year you are going to be the next one to surf and name a virgin wave!


When coming to Surfing Village, keep in mind that we don't rent boards and the waves in Indonesia have a long period and break over shallow coral reefs, making them much faster, which requires a board with more paddle rather than aboard for a beach break.

To bring

We recommend that you bring booties to walk in the coral. You'll also want a leash or two in reserve. Preferably thicker than the one you may typically use on a daily basis.

The lodge

Our place was designed and built by surfers for surfers. Surfing Village consists of four spacious bungalows, each cooled by the natural sea breeze and the shade of the coconut jungle. Each one of them accommodates up to 3 guests and all the rooms have a full view of three barreling waves. In total, we have 12 beds available and we offer 12-night packages.

Bungalow designs

Built with local wood and materials, the bungalows have two floors. On the first floor, you will find the board room, sheltered hang-out area, outside deck, and two private bedrooms with king-size beds, special mosquito nets, individual fans, and bamboo blinds. The second floor is an open loft with a 360 view, one king-size bed, a mosquito net, and a large ceiling fan. All four bungalows have a private, western-style outside toilet with a flush system and a separate bathroom with running tap water as well as a hot and cold water shower.

Village headquarters

The village headquarters has three floors and a ground area. It is where guests spend most of their time when they are not surfing.

The first floor is where everyone meets to have their breakfast, check the swell forecast, the tide charts, and find out which waves are best for the day's conditions. It’s also here where guests drink their icy cold Bintangs and enjoy the delicious meals of the Surfing Village. There is also an open plan kitchen, where the guests can monitor all the care of the chef and his crew. Besides that, our guests can enjoy their "dry time" in our common areas by reading, playing games, or just socializing. On the second floor, guests will find an open space for yoga, stretching, and relaxing. The third floor is the TV room, where you have access to a wide collection of movies and surf videos in addition to satellite TV with channels such as CNN, HBO, National Geographic, ESPN, etc.

Getting there
Fly to Minangkabau International (PDG), in Sumatra. A staff member from Surfing Village will be waiting, ready to take you to... read more
Fly to Minangkabau International (PDG), in Sumatra. A staff member from Surfing Village will be waiting, ready to take you to a hotel where you can relax from your flight. The estimated time of departure from Padang is 6 pm (depends on tide time). Th... read more

For years, I sustained my addiction to global surfing adventures by chopping firewood, washing dishes, picking grapes, and mopping floors. Though I'm originally from Brazil, I landed in Hawaii for a few years where I began saving money to follow my dreams and my heart to Indonesia on a quest for the perfect wave. Finding the perfect wave wasn't easy. I'd studied the archipelago of islands for years (there at 101 islands!). In 2004, my quest led me to the southernmost tip of the archipelago where I found my paradise. Coconut trees as far as the eye can see, perfect waves breaking in an idyllic bay, crystal clear water, and no surfer.

From there...we set about the arduous process of creating a lodge. I learned to build while building! With the help of my brother and some friends, I slowly built Surfing Village. The structures remained standing without any damage and even the earthquake that destroyed Padang and which was felt here on the islands, they're solid! We are proud to have taken on the challenge of building, learning, and bringing our vision to life.

This surfing lifestyle here is about health for the body, mind, and soul. Eating well, sleeping deeply, laughing a lot, connecting with people from around the world, and sharing a dream...that is what this place is all about. The creation of Surfing Village was a natural process, where people with the same vibration and passion united to create this magical place and make it home.

Don't let anyone tell you what you are or are not able to create, feel or be. Believe in your truths and fight for them. Create your path. Create your own dreams. Create your destiny. It is possible to reach your own “paradise”. Even if you have to go through "hell" several times.

Languages: English
Response rate: 100%
Response time: Within 14 hours

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What's included?
Transfer from and to the airport in Padang; Transfer IN and OUT – Padang-SV-Padang by boat; 12 nights accommodation with king size bed in stylish bungalows, all with stunning jungle and ocean view, ea... read more
What's not included?
Accommodation, food, and drinks in Pandang are not included in the package - except for airport and boat transfers. Also not included: photos or videos, personal expenses in Padang, beer, soft drink... read more
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Cancel and get a full refund within 48 hours of purchase, or at least 90 days before the trip starts.