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Dramatic coastline and classic points

"Sahara Surf invites you on a magical journey through the wild coastline of the Sahara Desert. Imagine...surfing secret spots in total isolation…walking on beaches where yours are the only footprints…watching shifting shadows on the dunes…ending your day with a feast of fresh fish beneath a sparkling canopy of desert stars. With decades of surf expertise and local knowledge, we’ll ensure you get the best waves and an authentic experience of Morocco’s beauty, culture and cuisine."

The surf

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Variable swell

Secret surf spots scattered along over hundreds of kilometers of pristine coastline. There is a big chance that you will be the first ever to surf some spots. Empty surf, good and bad! If you see a surfer in the Sahara you feel like you want to have a chat. Generally you’re pretty much guaranteed to have the waves to yourself. There is a variety of quality waves – beach-breaks, reef, slabs and point-breaks.

Sahara is not an easy surf trip – expect long drives and hikes in the desert to get to surf spots. Hot weather in the day and cold temperature at night. People in the Sahara are friendly and welcoming. As you travel south through towns and villages you feel like traveling back in time. Surf is unpredictable, it is similar to a game of hit and run where experience makes all the difference. Surfing the Sahara desert coast is truly a lifetime surf experience!

On the Central Morocco trip, we will focus on exploring secluded breaks, however if the swell is working, we'll spend the first day exploring the famous breaks around Taghazout (a combination of reefs, beach breaks, and points). We'll also make a stop at Safi, one of the ten best point breaks in the world.

The adventure

This surf tour will take you along the most stunning stretch of coast in Morocco. Starting from Taghazout, we will make our way north to wherever the surf will be best with the surf conditions we have. We will stay in different and authentic accommodations that we have selected through a long time running surf tours.

This surf tour is way more than the famous point breaks of Taghazout, Imesouan and Safi. We will go to other point breaks and secret spots that are not on the map. Not only will you stay and surf where the best conditions are for that day but you’ll also get to see and experience more of Morocco, it’s culture and cuisine.


Toyota Prado with a roof rack. We take a trailer if we need it.


Taghazout is a well known surf destination. Taghazout village is located 16km north of Agadir in the biggest bay in Morocco. Taghazout offers unreal surf – Anchor Point, Mysteries, Killer Point, Draculas and Boilers are the famous surf spots along this stretch of coast. In the main surf season 80% of the surfers who come to Morocco stay in Taghazout, this means the point breaks and the village get very busy. There are other point breaks and spots north and south of Taghazout, so tripping a bit further out you’ll surf un-crowded spots and take in the unspoilt landscapes and traditional culture of Morocco.


Located about 320 km north of Agadir, the famous point break of Safi is one of the ten best point breaks in the world. A swell of over 10 foot will wake this sleeping monster, delivering one of the most serious barrels. The old imperial city of Safi boasts one of Morocco’s most important ports, once considered the worlds’ sardine capital it remains one of the best places to eat sardines in Morocco. Safi is now an important center for phosphate mining and is known for producing pottery. If you have energy post surf you can explore the souks inside the Medina walls – a whole other world of fragrant spices, lilting music, beautiful buildings and historical monuments.


Accommodation will be determined by where the surf is best! On this trip you may stay in a variety of different accommodations that will be determined by swell conditions. All lodging is clean and comfortable. Double and twin rooms. All the rooms have private bathrooms. Wifi is included in most of the accommodations. Some of the places we stay are the Tamraght Surf Villa and Killer Point Apartments.

Tamraght Surf Villa

For clean, simple, authentic accommodation in Tamraght. Close to Sahara Surf headquarters, this comfortable, laid-back Villa is an ideal base for your surf trip here in Morocco.

The Villa boasts 14 rooms– two singles, two triples, 4 big rooms with four beds and six doubles and twins suitable for couples or two friends. Each room has a private bathroom, sofa so you will feel right at home! There is lots of communal space for relaxing and hanging out with your fellow-surfers. You can watch the sunset over Devils’ Rock and Banana Point from the roof terrace and enjoy a continental breakfast in the shaded outdoor dining space.

Tamraght surf Villa has free wireless internet, 24-hour reception for your convenience and security, and also offers a laundry service, making it the perfect mix of great value and easy-going charm.

Killer Point Apartments

Killer point apartments offer Sahara Surf guests the best of modern comfort and luxury combined with the most stunning ocean view. Each of the 15 apartments is uniquely decorated and has a private balcony overlooking the 4 most famous and consistent spots in Taghazout: Killer point, Anker point, La source and Mystery’s.

Getting there
Fly into Agadir airport and we'll pick you up!
Fly into Agadir airport and we'll pick you up!

Sahara Surf

Leading trips since 2011

Sahara Surf was set up in order to keep doing what we love – going on surf trips, looking for new surf spots, surfing the best waves, and mainly to give our guests a truly Moroccan surf experience. Many people don’t think good surf exists in Morocco...we've got local knowledge that will show you otherwise.

Abdelilah's Story

This adventure tour company was established by Abdelilah Yafi who has lived on the coast of Agadir from the age of seven. During his fifteen years professional experience as a surf guide and surf instructor he’s done everything from guiding pros, giving kids and adults their first experiences of surf, to coaching junior surf teams. Holding a UCPA International Surf Instructor qualification with a current Moroccan Civil Protection life saving certificate Abdelilah is fluent in Moroccan Arabic, French and English.

"I started Sahara Surf in 2011, before that I was working in Taghazout as a surf instructor and surf guide for a long time, most of it was surf guiding. We have a big coastline in Morocco and my favorite thing to do in my time off was to travel, explore this big coast and surf new surf spots that may be no one surfed before. This is where the idea came from. Through my experience as a surfer I learnt that being in the right place in the right conditions makes all the difference and this is what we try to reflect at Sahara Surf. This flexibility is the unique thing about our surf tours. A Toyota 4x4 with a roof- rack and trailer ready to hit the road wherever the surf will be pumping. I run all the surf tours myself.

Through a long time running surf tours along Morocco’s coastline we have selected carefully our favorite accommodations run by great people who are great friends. We take care of our guests from the moment we pick them up from the Airport till the moment we drop them off. Accommodations and all meals and water are included. In the Dakhla surf tours, we camp in the desert for a night or a few nights.

While chasing the best surf whenever there is the possibility to add other activities to this Moroccan surf experience we go for it, we visit cultural sites, markets, natural highlights ... it all depends on the surf, where we are and our guests. I take a canon 65D over, at the end of the trips I give photos to my guests."

Languages: English, Arabic, French
Response rate: 100%
Response time: Within 3 hours

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