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"Our resort is like heaven for surfers and lovers of nature. With pristine and wild waves, this is the place where everyone will enjoy having a surfing trip, no matter how experienced - or not - you are. Come and let the magic of our place enrich your surfing journey."

The surf

Peak swell
Variable swell

El Salvador has two seasons - dry and wet. Surf season is from May to October, what we also call the 'wet season' (south hemisphere winter). This is the season with the largest and most consistent swells, an average wave height of 6-12 ft, consistent swells, and cooler temperatures. Local storms are also more common, which means there’s a good potential for rain squalls in the afternoons. While staying in Punta Mango Surf Resort you will have access to all the uncrowded waves, far away from most tourists' common destinations.

Our summer, or 'dry season, is from November through April and the entire country's coastline, which faces south, is shadowed by northwest swells that originate in the North Pacific. That's considered our off-season, with offshore winds, sunny skies, and consistent surf. From our experience, you still can get fun and middle-size waves (especially in March and April). That is the time of year that the South Pacific is transitioning and we begin to see a marked increase in the size and frequency of storm activity, fueling an uptick in average surf. Even the slowest months of the year, December and January can offer decent off-season swells. Those are the best months for beginners - when we have smaller waves, light winds, bright and sunny days, and cooler evenings and nights. newer, beginner surfers due to the smaller average wave heights.

The lodge

Most of our guests describe us as a 'surfers paradise' and we are very proud to take the compliment. Offering an authentic experience for lovers of the ocean, nature, and the beautiful things in life, we are surrounded by a peaceful jungle, a perfect escape from the city. In our resort, guests have direct access to one of the most remote, developed, and empty beaches in the country, besides our pool and rest area. Here you will forget all the standards of the city lifestyle.

Mango Grill

A stylish bar and restaurant with a rustic design that provides an amazing atmosphere to enjoy in the perfect holiday in this unique location. Get ready to taste delicious meals and refreshing drinks while enjoying the sea breeze and incredible ocean views. From healthy smoothies for breakfast, seafood, Mexican dishes and tasty cocktails, our cuisine offers delicious meals with a mix of fresh products from local producers and high-quality international ingredients.

Surf packages

We have 5, 7, and 10 nights surf packages available for beginner and advanced surfers with everything included - airport transfers, surf transfer, and access to surf all waves in the area with a local surf guide and amazing meals at our beachside restaurant.

If you are a beginner and are looking forward to learning a new skill, we have a package that includes daily surf lessons with a bilingual surf guide, surfboard rental with the option to ride any board from our quiver. The surfing starts on the lovely beach right in front of the hotel or we drive to any other wave in the area.

For the more experienced surfers who want to discover the country, our combo surf package is definitely what you are looking for - here surfers can get a taste of surfing in Punta Mango and Punta Roca and we take care of all the details for you.

Packages are available for solo travelers and groups. Rates from USD 875 per person (5 nights package on a triple room). Please, send us a message if you would like to know more!

Getting there
Fly to El Tamarindo airport. From there, take a ground transfer to the resort on a 75 min drive (not included).
Fly to El Tamarindo airport. From there, take a ground transfer to the resort on a 75 min drive (not included).

Punta Mango

Leading trips since 2019
Jorge Menjivar
Jorge Menjivar

I've been surfing in El Salvador since 1997. In 2004, after graduating from college as an engineer, I needed to find a way to work and maximize my time surfing. I started working as a guide with a local company. As more surfers began to discover this place, I met the right people and in 2007 an opportunity presented itself - to be the founder of a surf tour company.

With a lot of work and learning, 2019 came and I decided to open Punta Mango to provide the best surf experience in the untouched region of El Salvador. We provide all-inclusive surf tours for surfers of all levels. Punta Mango region, in comparison with La Libertad, remains pristine.

I am proud to say that in Punta Mango, we have the best in-house team, including a professional chef and bartender to provide the best meals and drinks. Here our local guides Juan, Emilio, and Marcos make sure our guests ride the best waves every day during their stay.

Languages: English, Spanish
Response rate: 100%
Response time: Within 12 hours

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What's included?
Wifi, direct access to the beach, bilingual surf guides and instructors, two surf sessions per day, surfboard rental all days of your stay, surf transfers for beginners, world class long and short boa... read more
What's not included?
Meals at Mango Grill (menu available), airport transfers, surf photography, guided surf tours, fishing, drone videos, yoga and massage.
What if I want a surf package?
There are surf packages available for guests who wish to have all details of their trip covered by our team. Surf packages include accommodation, ground transportation, meals, surf instructors and boa... read more
What's the cancellation policy?
Cancel and get a full refund within 48 hours of purchase, or at least 90 days before the trip starts.