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"Pristine beaches, comprehensive surf lessons for beginner and advanced waves. Morning yoga in nature, where green and blue meet in the Black Sea. We have a mission of sharing our passion for the sea and transforming this into an opportunity for everyone. Join us in this mission and change the way you see the world!"

The surf

Peak swell
Variable swell

There happen to be more than 40 surf spots and many other undiscovered ones in Ordu. You surf it. You name it! Vona (Persembe) village is the center of surf 15 min from the Ordu city center. Vona has more than 20 surf breaks that work in different conditions, an epic world-class slab wave that we call 'the island'.

There is something fun for everyone, from longboard to shortboard, beginners to advanced kamikazes. Between June-October, the water temperature is over 20°C / 68 F. But, don't worry: Black Sea waves are much more forgiving than the ocean!

This is the Black sea, so we have mostly wind swell. Every 7-10 days, we have a swell with a 48-72 hour window. Here, the game is hunting the wave like a treasure, being in the right place at the right moment.

During the months of November, December, and April, we recommend surfing with a 4/3 suit and with boots. From January to March, a 5/4 with boots, hoodie, and gloves. During May and October, a 3/2 and, finally, a 3/2 shorty or a bathing suit from June to September.

The lodge

Solo or group travelers are welcome at Mellow! Find your little slice of paradise just a walk away from the surf, hazelnut, and kiwi farm visits and cultural experiences. Surf, swim, snorkel, yoga, slackline, workout, trekking, waterfall and river walking, culinary activities; the options in the ocean and in the garden are plentiful!

You can find affordable accommodation in shared rooms for 2, 3 and 5 people. Solo travelers, to make new friends, these rooms are for you. We have private rooms with a shared bathroom or a private bathroom - You can choose a private room that fits your budget. Our rooms with private bathrooms come with a private terrace and a sea view.

Ordu is a great place to work remotely. We have co-working spaces in the Pembe mansion and the Doctor's Surf House. We provide fiber internet in Ordu center. We have an office open to using with prior reservations.

Getting there
Fly to Ordu Giresun Airport (OGU). From there, it's a 35-minute drive to Mellow Turkey.
Fly to Ordu Giresun Airport (OGU). From there, it's a 35-minute drive to Mellow Turkey.

We are a team from different cultures but united to create a sustainable world together. Travels, communities, simple lives, music, art, hobbies, and surfing brought us together. We have come to Ordu today to bring the long-term experiences we spent in different countries.

The dream was to be in the water every day, to surf, and to build a sustainable life on it. For a long time, we searched for that fascinating place where we could build a model where we could bring all these together. So Sri Lanka.

This journey that we started in Sri Lanka in 2017 has reached a point we could never have imagined. We shared our passion for surfing with thousands of our guests. We created a very sweet community when we said concerts, festivals, coliving, etc. A unique environment was created where everyone shared their dreams, interests and passions.

We thought we were in the right place for the next address in the summer of 2020. Deniz's roots from Ordu Thursday have turned our dream of doing something on Thursday, inspired by Sri Lanka, into a responsibility now. Our setup in Ordu was much more conducive to establishing a "self-sufficient, sustainable way of life" that we began to develop ourselves in Sri Lanka.

The real question was: are there waves in Ordu that will excite us? Can we create a new generation here where we can share our passion for wave surfing?

When we discovered world-class waves 10-15 minutes away from Deniz's grandmother's village house, our excitement and responsibility increased as well. Here was everything worth taking the dream we started in Sri Lanka to the next level.

We were able to meet every opportunity that brought us here today, thanks to wave surfing. This puts us on the mission of sharing our passion for the sea, that is, making wave surfing accessible.

Unfortunately, in the last few generations, there has been a distance, a communication break between the Black Sea and its people. The sea has become a danger for them. I believe that we can overcome this communication gap with wave surfing.

Our dream in Ordu is to raise a generation intertwined with the sea and nature. Make them excited about it and also give them an opportunity to build its economy.

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