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Beaches, peaks, slabs and points

"The coastline offers such a variety; we often have days when we can surf double overhead point breaks in the morning and super fun, head-high slabs in the afternoon. We include experienced surf guides with every trip, to make sure you get it right every time."

The surf

Peak swell
Variable swell

We have 15 breaks in this area and 11 years of local knowledge to guide you. We have three seasons here: early season, regular season and late season.

Early season

The early season runs from Feb - May. If you want to avoid the crowds and still score constant swell, this is the time to come. With consistently clean, small-medium swell, it's without a doubt the best time of the year for the beach break. The winds stay light and variable, offering plenty of variety to surf all of the exposed breaks in the area.

Like clockwork, we wake up to offshore winds lasting the whole morning, quite often all day. If it does blow onshore, it'll rain for an hour or so every afternoon, cooling the land down enough to switch it back offshore, for the arvo glass off.

Main season

The main season runs from June - October. This time is the most consistent time of the year for swell, offering the most variety of waves to surf.

We still wake up to offshore winds every day. Then at around mid-morning, the South Easterly trade winds kick in, and the reef breaks that favor the trades can turn on.

The coastline of South Sumatra is so crooked, there's always somewhere to surf. There are plenty of sheltered spots for when the larger swells run. Or if that's what you're after, there are a handful of breaks that love the solid stuff.

Late season

The late-season runs from November - January. Much like the early season, we get spoilt rotten on the beach. The smaller swells groom the sandbanks to perfection! It'll turn a 2 - 3 foot swell into punchy, head-high barrels.

Although it's hard to turn our backs on the beach this time of year, we still get pulses in the swell, allowing us to surf the more exposed reef breaks.

The best part of the late season is the lack of crowds. With the majority of surf camps closing up, the area is almost empty for the whole three months. We love it!

The lodge

Set on a remote part of Mandiri Beach, our accommodation sits a stone through away from its famous beach break. We have five spacious rooms facing the ocean and two that face our lush, tropical gardens. Sleeping a maximum of 14 guests, we are perfect for accommodating single travelers, couples, and groups of friends.

All rooms come en suite and have air conditioning, comfortable mattresses, a front deck, ample clothes/surfboard storage, and a safety deposit box. Our staff clean the rooms on a daily basis and offer a laundry service on request.

Surf food

Your stay with us includes 3 meals per day. Our bar is located in the center of the resort and is a contact point for our customers. Our friendly staff is ready to assist with all their needs.

Coffee, juices, snacks, soft and alcoholic drinks are available for sale. Our restaurant is an extension of our bar, with seating overlooking the garden, beach, and pool. Our menu consists of Asian and Western food, served from 7 am to 9 pm.

Besides the bar is our communal BBQ area. The 4 meters long BBQ caters to large groups and is available for all guests to use. We also offer a fully catered BBQ on request.

Skate park

We finally did it. We built our own little dream skatepark.

The smooth concrete park has a mini ramp that extends on one side into a long quarter pipe and then flows into a little street course, meeting another quarter at the other end.

Designed to get the most out of the space, the park is super fun to cruise around effortlessly or get more serious with the grind box and kickers.

The whole park has a long bench running parallel to it, so it's a great place to enjoy a cold Bintang and watch if you’re not into skating yourself. We also hold a weekly skate school every Tuesday afternoon run by Chris and Yugo for anyone that wants to learn.


Central to the Southern Sumatran province of Pasisir Barat lies Krui - a small fishing town neighboring the Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park. Krui town hosts two food markets, a fishing harbor, and a street of shops - supplying the residents with everything they need. Walking around the sleepy town feels like you've stepped back in time.

On either side of Krui, you'll find vast stretches of untouched coastline. Palm tree's for as far as the eye can see, shadowing an array of stunning, white-sand beaches.

The nearby Banana Island has been a popular day trip for our guests. The island has some of the most transparent waters and the most beautiful beaches in the area. A delicious lunch prepared by a local family is available upon request.

Most of the reefs provide exception snorkeling. Cheap, low-quality equipment is available in town. However, we recommend you bring your own.

With the national park on our doorstep, we have a few different treks available. Short, 20 minute walks, to half-day outings - delving into to think Sumatran jungle. Almost all the treks available lead to waterfalls.

Getting there
All you need to do is get to Bandar Lampung Airport (TKG) for our collection time, and we’ll take it from there. We’ll arrang... read more
All you need to do is get to Bandar Lampung Airport (TKG) for our collection time, and we’ll take it from there. We’ll arrange a driver to meet you outside the arrivals terminal and drive you directly to The Mandiri Beach Club.

Mandiri Beach Club

Leading trips since 2009
Chris McLaverty
Chris McLaverty

The Mandiri Beach Club is a Sumatra Surf camp offering accommodation in the Krui surf area. The camp is run by three surfers - Tim, Chris and Dan. The three of us are here all year, surfing all day and having a few beers with the crew at night. We love living this life all year round.

Languages: English
Response rate: 100%
Response time: Within 24 hours

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Round trip airport transfers, daily dar transport, three meals a day, and surf guides.
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Flights, travel insurance, and beverages.
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