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"Experience the safest and most peaceful area of ​​the Nicaraguan coast. Our work is our passion and a dream come true in this small natural paradise on the beach!"

The surf

Peak swell
Variable swell

Nicaragua has beaches with warm waters, empty waves, and the most amazing coastal landscapes. But that’s not all. Nica has the best surfing in Central America, offering waves of fantastic quality for every level.

The Nicaraguan region is considered one of the continent’s surfing jewels. In the first place, thanks to its wonderful spots, little crowded, reefs and others. It is possible to enjoy a whole year of waves and good weather. And best of all, many of the spots have low or almost no crowds, a beach literally for you! Everything a surfer desires.

Our recommendation for surfers with an intermediate or advanced level is to visit Nicaragua during the months of March until December because Nicaragua is considered a “South Swell spot”. That means that the Boom relies on the swells provoked by the winter season storms from the southern hemisphere, this phenomenon occurs from March to December.

Many surfers have also stated that the waves are the best between May and October. During these months, the lower tides open up, allowing for radical barrels.

The lodge

Las Dunas Resort is located on Aposentillo Beach, one of the most beautiful and sought-after beaches in the exclusive tourist area of ​​Nicaragua, "La Ruta de Las 7 Playas". Among the facilities of our boutique hotel, you can enjoy a bar, a restaurant, a bakery, cocktails, pizza, a large swimming pool for free use for guests, and unlimited wifi.

The private cabins are all equipped with air conditioning and a private bathroom with a shower. There's easy access to the beach on a private road, guarded parking 24 hours, a relaxing ranch, and much more.

Also, during your stay at Las Dunas Resort you will be able to practice different activities such as surfing, with or without a teacher and with or without a guide to surf the best waves of "The Route of the 7 Beaches", rent surf equipment, motorcycle riding, horseback riding, boat rides. There are also kayaks available for rentals and rides along the estuary, access to the beach, swimming in our large pool, live music, events, and fishing trips.

Bar & restaurant

A fusion of Nica & Spanish gastronomy is our philosophy for the kitchen of the Restaurant at LAS Dunas Resort, where our chefs try to fuse the best of each of the cuisines.

Our proximity to the beach and the sea makes it much easier for us to have a wide range of fresh products, so all kinds of fish and seafood are a daily part of our menu: fish paella, fish in marine sauce, oysters, black shells, fried or grilled whole snapper with one of our sauces, seafood and/or fish soups, our special fish cachepot dish, long with seafood, sea bass tacos, ceviches or our chefs' suggestions every day.

The starters, snacks, and fried foods are a part of Nicaraguan cuisine that we have wanted to capture as traditional in the country: chicken or fish fingers, tostones with meat and cheese.

A more international European part with pasta, salads, special dishes, tacos, and burgers and on our great and exquisite pizzeria with an oven built with special stone that maintains a constant temperature of 400º to obtain a tasty and perfectly hydrated dough.


Our refractory oven is built specifically for our climate and for our restaurant and is unique in the world. Thermal conductivity optimizes the wood used and the thermal shock that the pizza receives gives it that inflated edge, unique and original, a clear indicator of a well-baked pizza and a perfectly mixed dough.

Our pizzas are made with the best Nicaraguan flours, a careful process of fermentation of the dough, and the special touch of pizzaiolo in the wood oven, achieving smooth and easy digestion.


We provide tons of different activities so you can ensure that your Nicaragüa surf vacation is dynamic, creative, and as enjoyable as possible. In addition to an incredible surfing experience, our guests can enjoy visiting the Colonial City of León, horseback riding, visiting the volcano, fishing, surfing, yoga, etc. We take it on different trips, concerts, and festivals and we always make sure everyone has a taste of the local cuisine and enjoys the Nica tradition.

Getting there
Fly to Augusto C. Sandino International Airport (MGA). It's a 3h40min drive to Las Dunas Surf Resort.
Fly to Augusto C. Sandino International Airport (MGA). It's a 3h40min drive to Las Dunas Surf Resort.

Las Dunas Surf Resort is a dream come true. A Nica - Spanish fusion, where Nicaraguans are the protagonists and foreign travelers come to visit us. In 2013 I made a trip from Mexico to Panama along the Pacific coast with my motorcycle and my surfboard, looking for a place to invest and build Las Dunas.

When you arrive in this part of Nicaragua entering through Honduras, you will be enchanted by the people and the unspoiled natural beauty of “the route of the 7 beaches”.

Today, a few years later, I can confirm that it has been a success. Paying attention to that sixth sense that encourages me to invest here and not in another more developed country in Central America and probably with more economic growth has been a success. Nicaragua and especially the Nicaraguans are unique.

Languages: English, Spanish
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Avid surfer, Aug 2023
The staff at Las Dunas was super friendly and the restaurant had some great fish dishes and pizzas. I would recommend to anyone looking for a lai... show more
The staff at Las Dunas was super friendly and the restaurant had some great fish dishes and pizzas. I would recommend to anyone looking for a laid back spot near some awe... show more
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