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Private Villas

The holy grail of endless surf breaks

"We are an upscale, eco-friendly resort, located in the heart of the surfing mecca known as Playgrounds. If you are seeking proximity to multiple world-class waves, this is the place. Whatever your surfing ability, you will score the best waves of your life."

The surf

Peak swell
Variable swell

The Mentawai Islands have warm water, consistent swell, and generally glassy conditions that transform the place into one of the most sought-after surf trip destinations on the planet. There are three main surf areas: Playgrounds in the north, Sipura in the middle, and Pagai in the south. Our villas give access to hundreds of those surf breaks – from easier ones like Kandui Left to world-famous left-handers like Baby Kandui, Playgrounds, 4 Bobs, or Nipussi.

"A perfect day of surfing for me is getting standup barrels on every wave, never doing a cutback and never falling." — Founder Jordan Heuer

The lodge

We are located in the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia, right on the beach directly in front of Kandui Left & Baby Kandui - the best spot in the world for all levels of surfers to score the best waves of their lives!

Our resort has 12 eco-friendly UMAS, villa-styled rooms that accommodate up to 4 guests – ideal for families or groups of friends. Our guests also have access to a beautiful 25 x 18-meter infinity pool that overflows into a large kid pool with a large stone deck encircling it. The pool is connected to our two-story restaurant, a game room, bar, and palapa, all available for guest’s usage.


We have a massive organic greenhouse and organic fruit and vegetable farm, raise our organic chickens for eggs, have a cow for the fertilizer, and a big fish pond full of organically fed tilapia and freshwater eels. Our menu features local seafood caught by villagers and guests, as well as a variety of Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, American, and Indonesian cuisine. Fresh veggies and fruits are grown in our organic garden. We try to compost and recycle everything we possibly can and have converted to being able to run mostly on solar energy, with the aim of being fully solar-powered in the near future.

Fitness/health center

Our guests have access to an air-conditioned gym and exercise room equipped with two treadmills, an exercise bike, free weights, a multi-exercise machine, a multi-exercise cable machine, pull up bar, jump ropes, an inversion table, exercise balls, and yoga mats - all provided so our guests can keep their healthy and active habits!

We also have a variety of services such as massage, spa, nanny, and gear rental available for specific fees for all our guests during their stay with us.

Surf packages

Getting to Kandui Villas requires many steps and the trip, as much worth it as it can be at the end, can be tiring for most people. Because of that, we suggest a longer length of stay to all our guests, of at least 10 to 11 days. Thinking about it, we have a set of packages available for solo travelers and groups. All the packages include accommodation in one of our UMAs and an all-access pass for the boat. An extra $150/hour of the boat running time is charged and shared by all guests on the boat to make it more affordable for everyone. See below starting prices for the packages:

  • Non surfer package - 10 nights - $ 1.750,00 per person. No all access pass for boat.
  • Kandui Island surfer package – 10 nights - $2.650,00 per person.
  • Kandui Island couple package – 10 nights - $4.250,00 per couple.
  • Kandui Island family package – 10 nights – $6.250,00 per family (2 adults and 2 surfer kids ages 13-16yo).

Have questions or special requests? Leave us a message!

Getting there
Fly to Pandang International airport. From there, you will be transported by car to your hotel to spend the night. You will h... read more
Fly to Pandang International airport. From there, you will be transported by car to your hotel to spend the night. You will have an early 5 am wake-up and departure from the hotel the following morning. Our team will drive you to the port to board th... read more

Kandui Villas

Leading trips since 2007
Jordan Heuer
Jordan Heuer

I came here to Indonesia with a backpack and a couple of board bags full of custom Minamis for a job as a surf guide on my friend’s charter boat. I later went on to build my own charter boat and founded both Kandui Resort and the more upscale Kandui Villas in 2007, a couple of years after opening Kandui Resort.

I love waking up in the best place on earth every morning, walking barefoot to my boat, driving my boat to the resort to get my morning coffee, and then going to find the best surf of the day. Then repeat…...going on 21 years of this routine.

Languages: English
Response rate: 100%
Response time: Within 14 hours

Choose your accommodation

Each one of our UMAs are 7.5 meters wide x 10.5 meters long, has... more
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Length of stay - 10 or 11 nights. Prices per night for 2 guests.... more
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Length of stay - 10 or 11 nights. Prices for 2 adults / 2 surfer... more
From $785 / night
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What's included?
Welcome drinks, 3 gourmet meals per day, drinks with meals, snacks, hot drinks, drinks and snacks on the surf boats; speed boat transfers to either the over dozen waves surrounding our immediate islan... read more
What's not included?
Access to over 20 different surf breaks, including our immediate island and to the waves on the nearby surrounding islands available with an ''All access package'' for an extra $80 per person per day;... read more
What's the cancellation policy?
Cancel and get a full refund within 48 hours of purchase, or at least 90 days before the trip starts.