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"Experience the North Shore for yourself. Explore this remarkable coast with the best and most experienced guides and surf the world’s best waves. Stay at Turtle Bay and find an authentic connection to a place of uncommon natural splendor and its warm, welcoming community."

The surf

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The North Shore of Oahu is the Mecca of Surfing. They call it the 7 Mile Miracle for a reason. Within a few minutes drive, there are about 20 world-class waves of all shapes and sizes. If you're a beginner, you can choose from a couple of always nice and friendly spots, no matter how much swell. And for intermediates and experts, it doesn't get much better.

The North Pacific fires off swell after swell from October through May to the various reefs and beaches. Except for the sheltered beginner spots, the surf in the winter rarely gets below chest high. And best of all, the trade winds are side/offshore, so the surf is nicely groomed all day.

From June through September, the South Pacific sends waves to the south and west side of Oahu. It's about an hour's drive from Turtle Bay to surf "Town." During these months, the North Shore usually has excellent waves for beginners! Right out front of Turtle bay is a point that breaks year-round. Turtle Bay is truly a surfers paradise.

The adventure

Surf in the North Shore, Hawaii - one of the most iconic surf spots in the world. Enjoy learning to surf in a private or group lesson with a certified professional North Shore surf instructor. Standing up on a surfboard has never been so easy!

We provide each participant with reef walkers, a rash guard, a leash, and a surfboard. In addition, our surf instructors will inspire you with the confidence, motivation, and knowledge needed to stand up on your first surfing experience.

We have lessons and surf programs for all ages and group sizes, such as private or group lessons and kids' programs. Are you a PRO? We've got you covered - join our Surf with a Pro program and explore the world-famous North Shore, the mecca surfing, with a professional surfer locally born and raised during this half-day experience! Other programs are also available, such as our North Shore Surf Experience and our 2 Hour Advanced Surf Lesson at Turtle Bay.


We are located inside the Turtle Bay Resort. Here, your days are filled with constant discovery and moments that touch your soul, allowing you to explore the uncommon depths of this remarkable coast. The sound of rolling waves. The smell of the sea. The breathtaking views. A place of deep natural beauty, inside and out.

Surrounded by unrivaled scenery and untouched land, your home away from home is elegant, relaxing, and welcoming. More than just a greeting, we take the spirit of Aloha very seriously. It’s kindness and harmony, warmth and patience. So when you’re here, you’re ‘ohana and that means we take excellent care of you.

Arriving at Turtle Bay is a bit like coming home. Steps away from the beach or perched high above it, breathing easy or soaking up the view. Find your balance, take your time. The spirit of Aloha you find here has a way of staying with you long after you’re gone. And calls you back again.


We’re deeply rooted in the land of O’ahu and the ocean that surrounds us, and we’re connected to local farmers, fishermen, and ranchers. The flavors found in our restaurants and bars come from the freshest local ingredients grown in the abundant land of our beloved North Shore and the greater island beyond. They inspire signature Hawaiian dishes, traditional meals, a tasty drink, or warm potluck-style gatherings on the beach. In Hawaii, we love to huipu, come together and eat family-style—everyone brings their flavor. Much like our restaurants.

Talented chefs and farm-to-table fresh ingredients are paired with spectacular sunsets and casual yet upscale settings. Our island is full of stories, none more inviting than the one told by the dish in front of you.


Discover a world of wellness and nourishment for body, mind, and soul. An authentic Hawaiian experience. Aloha Aina, a love of and nurturing care for the land, drives everything we do and the setting itself restores your sense of well-being. Recalibrate with the help of an on-site Nalu Wellness Concierge. Tap into the power of nature foraging la’aulapa’au (medicinal) native Hawaiian plants in our healing gardens. And optimize health, vitality, and relaxation in a Stay Well Premier room or suite. A holistic wellness journey from early morning light to the day’s last sunset rays. We nurture this natural miracle we call Hawaii in respect and gratitude for the gifts it provides.

Getting there
Fly to Honolulu International Airport. From there, it is only a 55-minute ride to Turtle Bay Resort, the accommodation where... read more
Fly to Honolulu International Airport. From there, it is only a 55-minute ride to Turtle Bay Resort, the accommodation where our guests stay. Take H1 Freeway, Westbound. Stay on the H1 freeway for approximately six miles. Look for signs for the H2 fr... read more

JOB Surf Experience

Leading trips since 1972
Kaikea Elias
Managing Partner
Kaikea Elias

Growing up here on the North Shore, surfing has always been a huge part of my life, and I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy it as both a career and lifestyle for the past 25 years. Surfing is all about creativity, and while there is no right or wrong way to ride a wave, my approach to the sport has always been about having as much fun as possible on the best waves I can find.

I created this Surf School down the street from my home here on the North Shore to teach my unique style of surfing to the world and share with you the feeling that only comes from riding a wave. Every experience we offer has been personally designed by me to ensure that you enjoy the most authentic and fun experience possible. We use premium, high-performance equipment that I ride and have tested in the biggest and most dangerous waves in the world.

I honestly believe that there is no better place to experience the sport of surfing. Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced surfer, I guarantee that we’ll exceed your expectations here at Jamie O’Brien Surf Experience at Turtle Bay.

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Casual surfer, Jun 2022
My son said his instructor was knowledgeable, caring, and a good person. He really enjoyed the experience. My son said he would do it again. All... show more
My son said his instructor was knowledgeable, caring, and a good person. He really enjoyed the experience. My son said he would do it again. All the staff were very helpf... show more

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