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Surf Iceland's majestic fjords

"Travel to the far reaches of Iceland to score epic waves, many of which have never been surfed before. Experience surfing on our exceptional island in the North Atlantic sea, where the possibility of never before surfed waves can be a reality. At Arctic Surfers the weather is our guide. It sends us on epic journeys far and wide as we seek out new waves and adventures. We embrace the journey as part of the experience, the atmosphere, and the energy of Mother Nature here is truly unique. We make the journey enjoyable. The goal is always to find the best waves Iceland can offer and along the way... read more

The surf

Peak swell
Variable swell

Iceland has all kinds of breaks, from beach breaks and mellow point breaks to heavy reef slabs that can be found all over the island. Here you can expect everything from mellow 3-4 feet waves up to powerful slab and tube reefs brakes. Whatever your preference, we will know where to go.


Each season brings something special, winter, summer, spring, and fall. Springtime (March-May) is good with lots of consistent swell and the days are getting longer and warmer, with amazing light. The summer (June- August) is warmer with sunlight 24/7 though the surf isn't as consistent as the colder months, but summer in Iceland brings out a lot of good things. The fall season (Sept-Nov) has lots of swell and nice weather conditions while winter cold weather is taking over. Wintertime (Dec-Feb) has lots of big swells, amazing light, and northern lights to light up the darkness. We surf all year here in Iceland and we can tell you it is not as cold as you think!

Water temperatures

The highest water temperatures are during late summer and the fall season, with temperatures ranging from 10-14°C. In wintertime, the lowest temperatures are around 3-5°C, and it is always colder up north than down south. In the spring season and early summer, the sea temperatures are 6-9°C. This is nothing to worry about, good gear and some basic know-how and knowledge make this an easy and fun experience.

Our equipment

We're constantly searching for the best wetsuit on the market for Icelandic conditions, from 4/3 to 6/5/4's. Warmth, flexibility, duration, performance, and comfort… At the moment we are trying out some different suits and seeking out new things, the best for our unique conditions. 5-7mm booties and 2mm-5mm gloves, depending on the season, good surfboards, and accessories. A way to test and promote good quality gear with people from all over the world in one of the roughest and toughest spots the planet has to offer. All this equipment has been tried and tested for Icelandic conditions or is in the process of qualifying for the job. All our wetsuits are replaced after two seasons and we seek to be able to serve our clients the same gear and equipment we choose to use ourselves.

The adventure

For the die-hard, the adventurous surfer who enjoys the great outdoors we offer a tour designed to chase and find the best possible waves and locations on the island during our journey. Most of these remote areas are still being explored and the possibility of a new discovery is literally around every corner. This is an adventure trip that takes place in one of Europe’s last wilderness frontiers where an open mind is a must.

If conditions change due to weather or swell we always have a plan-B. Our plan-B options are based on our clients, weather forecast, locations, conditions and may consist of: Stand-up paddleboards, a day at the glacier, free diving in Silfra dive spot, quad biking, volcanos, caving, fishing, and many other options that would fit the day.


Our tour of Iceland will begin in Reykjavík, where you'll have your choice of comfortable hotels and inns to choose from. Once our adventure gets underway, you'll be sleeping under the stars in our luxury tents for the first two nights, then you'll get the chance to experience true Icelandic hospitality in a private cabin on your final night. This trip isn't for those who need all the comforts of a fancy hotel, but we pride ourselves on providing a warm, comfortable place to sleep, whether indoors or out in the wilderness.

Getting there
Fly to Reykjavík–Keflavík Airport and we'll meet you there.
Fly to Reykjavík–Keflavík Airport and we'll meet you there.

Arctic Surfers

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Ingó Olsen
Ingó Olsen

We at Arctic Surfers are passionate about exploring Iceland, the land of fire and ice.  Our team has been traveling all over Iceland for over 20 years, hunting first lines on fresh powder and pioneering surfing on the island. The journey is not always easy as we work around Mother Nature. Our years of experience allow us to create and alter daily activities affected by weather, swell, and snowstorms.

With access to our vast network of friends and family all over Iceland, we put together the adventure vacation of your dreams in rugged luxury.

Languages: Icelandic, English
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What's included?
4 nights accommodation, 3 locally-inspired meals each day, all transportation, wetsuits, admission to hot springs throughout the trip.
What's not included?
Accommodation in Reykjavík, alcohol, tips.
What's the cancellation policy?
Cancel and get a full refund within 48 hours of purchase, or at least 90 days before the trip starts.