Starting from

$2,100 for 5 days


Daily surf guiding
Your guide will take you to the best breaks given the conditions that day and kind of waves you're after. They'll show you the take-off spots, and hazards so you don't waste time trying to dial in a new wave.
Private accommodations
Depending on group size and availability, you'll stay at one of our select vacation rentals or hotels in the area.
Unique experiences
Explore the natural and cultural bounty that lives alongside epic surf. As a local with an intimate knowledge of the region, your guide will give you the inside track on making the most of your trip, in and out of the water.
Airport transfers
We've got your transportation to and from the airport covered.

Not included

You'll need to get yourself to your accommodations and back. We'll provide info about best airports to fly into, and can help with travel logistics if requested.
No meals are covered, but your guide can point you towards the best food around and where to get groceries if you prefer cooking at home.
Plan to bring your own boards or rent once you arrive. Your guide will know where to pick up quality gear if you decide to pack light.

Pablo Narvaez's Oaxaca

Sand beneath your toes, the water is as warm as the equatorial air. Out front, a set of flawless set waves peel around granite rocks. You’ve finally arrived: Oaxaca, Mexico, the land of right-hand points, a regular footer’s heaven. Only thing is, local customs restrict foreigners from accessing most breaks without a guide.
Lucky for you Pablo Narvaez, the most seasoned surf guide in the region, clues you into the best surf spots, rich Oaxacan culture and quaint traditional communities up and down the coast of Mexico’s treasured state.
Only private groups
Recommended duration
5 days, 4 nights
Surf ability requirement
For casual surfers and above. You don’t need to rip.
Meet Pablo

The O.G.
(Original Guide)
of Oaxaca

Born and raised in wave-rich Barra de la Cruz, surf guide Pablo Narvaez urges his guests to roll down the windows. No, he’s not trying to save gas by cutting off the A/C, but rather, he wants his guests to get a true sense of his home – its tastes, scents, rhythms and people. Bubbly and wise, Pablo is one of the most veteran surf guides in Southern Oaxaca.
From introducing the first foreign surfers to the various waves in the region, to negotiating the first deal with the WSL, Pablo has been an instrumental figure in the evolution of Barra de la Cruz as a world-famous wave.
Open your ears, open your minds, because we are going to see something different than what you have at home.
— Pablo Narvaez
From introducing the first foreign surfers to the various waves in the region, to negotiating the first deal with the WSL, Pablo has been an instrumental figure in the evolution of Barra de la Cruz as a world-famous wave.

Perfect Peeling Pointbreak
After Pointbreak

From Barra de la Cruz to Salina Cruz, Oaxaca is the land of picture perfect right-hand point breaks.
Surf season is March through October, when Southern Hemisphere swells grace the entire Mexican coastline.
And while a bunch of right-handers may not sound like a whole lot of “variety,” you’d be surprised. Dream waves like Punta Conejo and Playa Zanjon can break at speeds slow enough for beginner-level surfers, while La Bamba or Playa Mojon have the power and tube-ride possibilities sought after by the pros. There’s even a secret beach break or two with fun and consistent lefts… but, we’ll let Pablo show you those.

The Mexico
One Dreams Of

A fascinating blend of Mexican and indigenous cultures, the state of Oaxaca in deep Southern Mexico is aesthetically gorgeous, climatically harsh, and culinarily delicious all at the same time. While the dry coastline offers hundreds of miles of empty golden beaches, with no respite from the sun – just inland, hidden in the foothills of the lush Sierra Madre mountains, you’ll find cloud forests and smoky villages, coffee fincas and mezcal distilleries.
With Pablo behind the wheel, you’ll be sure to discover taco stands and mole that might change your life.
Everyone in Huatulco and Barra knows Pablo—he's the best guy and clearly loved by all of the locals in the area. We scored with the surf and with Pablo and I could not recommend this trip more.

A True Taste
of Oaxaca

Experience sensory overload in the traditional heart of Mexico through its stunning nature, cultural happenings and culinary delights.
Turtle Nesting
Witness “arribadas” on the beach, a spectacular natural phenomenon where thousands of sea turtles come to nest at the same time.
For the Bird(ers)
Pablo is an avid birder and the best guide in the region for learning about the endemic and migratory bird species in this region of Mexico.
Oaxacan Cuisine
The cuisine in Oaxaca is world famous, from the molé to the mezcal, fancy restaurants to the hole-in-the-wall taco joints and roadside stands.
Cascadas Mágicas de Copalitilla
An epic national park in Oaxaca, be sure to take the longer walk along the river, where the path leads you past amazing pools of crystal clear water and cascades.

Hand-picked homes and hotels

Stay in hidden boutique hotels and houses perfectly fit for groups from two to eight surfers. Whether you’re looking for digs with a masseuse or a comfy place right on the beach we know the perfect spot.


When's the best time to go?
Waves are reliably good here March through October.
How well do I need to surf?
Some experience necessary, but you don't need to rip. Your guide will curate waves to your group's abilities and tastes.
Are there better lefts or rights?
Rights. Lots and lots of rights.
Can I go solo?
Our pricing assumes a minimum two travelers per group, but drop us a line and we can discuss solo options. Just be aware, prices may increase to accommodate a single traveler.