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Pablo Narvaez's Oaxaca

Pablo Narvaez's Oaxaca

Sand beneath your toes, the water is as warm as the equatorial air. Out front, a set of flawless set waves peel around granite rocks.

Why surf Oaxaca?

Why surf Oaxaca?

Why surf Oaxaca?

From Barra de la Cruz to Salina Cruz, Oaxaca is the land of picture perfect right-hand point breaks. And while a bunch of right-handers may not sound like a whole lot of “variety,” you’d be surprised. There’s even a secret beach break or two with fun and consistent lefts… but, we’ll let Pablo show you those.

The O.G. (Original Guide) of Oaxaca

The O.G. (Original Guide) of Oaxaca

Born and raised in wave-rich Barra de la Cruz, surf guide Pablo Narvaez urges his guests to roll down the windows. No, he’s not trying to save gas by cutting off the A/C, but rather, he wants his guests to get a true sense of his home – its tastes, scents, rhythms and people. Bubbly and wise, Pablo is one of the most veteran surf guides in Southern... show more
Everyone in Huatulco and Barra knows Pablo—he's the best guy and clearly loved by all of the locals in the area. We scored with the surf and with Pablo and I could not recommend this trip more.

Your private adventure

Who’s it for

Surfers hunting for uncrowded point breaks, especially those craving nature, stunning scenery and unique local traditions.

When to go

March through October is peak season with the most consistent head high swell, while the rest of the year is more mellow.

Make it yours

With no set itinerary, Pablo's adventures are one-of-a-kind. Let your interests lead you to rural mezcal producers, jungle hikes and more.

Pablo's Picks

Experience sensory overload in the traditional heart of Mexico with its incredible surf, pristine nature, and rich cultural traditions.

Peeling Point After Point

Famous waves like Barra de la Cruz are just the tip of the iceberg, with many amazing, lesser-known spots to be explored.

Mole, Memelas & Mezcal

The cuisine in Oaxaca is world-famous, with some of the best to be found at hole-in-the-wall taco joints and roadside stands.

Chill Out

Explore Cascadas Magicas de Copalitilla. This lush national park offers transparent pools of crystal clear water and cascading falls.

Day Tripping Salina Cruz

Pablo’s familiarity with the whole stretch of Oaxacan coastline provides endless options for longer stays.

Turtle Power

Witness “arribadas,” a natural spectacle where thousands of sea turtles come to nest at the same time along the local beaches.

Where you'll sleep

Stay in hidden homes and boutique hotels matched to your needs—from lux digs with a private chef to bohemian bungalows right on the beach, your spot is guaranteed to be dialed.

Villa Escondida

Offering the comfort and privacy of home with the amenities and service of a 5-star hotel. The ‘last house’ in Huatulco and uniquely located on the beautiful Bocana beach on the Southern Coast of Oaxaca, bordering the Copalita eco-archeological park.

Casa Bocana

Huatulco's first “design hotel.” Textures and colors harmonize and the natural environment and modern amenities ensure total relaxation day and night. Each room is unique, with furniture, fabrics, and decor created by local artisans. All suites include a balcony—complete with hammock.
These are just a few of the special digs available. We need to know a bit about you to match the perfect spot for you and yours.

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Go with the entire family, a group of friends, your partner or solo.


What makes a Thermal adventure different?
Surfing with the best local guide and staying in the perfect place is a unique and powerful combo. Go with a local to uncrowded spots and explore a new region of the world embedded in the local community.
How many surfers is this ideally for?
This adventure is designed for 2-8 travelers, but with its uncrowded points, solo travelers on a strike mission will dig this one as well.
How well do I need to surf?
You don't need to rip, but the breaks in Oaxaca are best suited for surfers comfortable paddling, catching and riding waves on their own. If you rip, you know Oaxaca lights up with ridiculous rights.
What's included?
This adventure includes surf guiding, accommodations, and hosting for your entire trip which means you can focus on the waves.
What's not included?
We've got you covered for just about everything except flights, boards, and meals. That said, Pablo is an excellent chef and has been known to cook for guests.