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$2,150 for 5 days


Daily surf guiding
Your guide will take you to the best breaks given the conditions that day and kind of waves you're after. They'll show you the take-off spots, and hazards so you don't waste time trying to dial in a new wave.
Private accommodations
Depending on group size and availability, you'll stay at one of our select vacation rentals or hotels in the area.
Unique experiences
Explore the natural and cultural bounty that lives alongside epic surf. As a local with an intimate knowledge of the region, your guide will give you the inside track on making the most of your trip, in and out of the water.

Not included

You'll need to get yourself to your accommodations and back. We'll provide info about best airports to fly into, and can help with travel logistics if requested.
No meals are covered, but your guide can point you towards the best food around and where to get groceries if you prefer cooking at home.
Plan to bring your own boards or rent once you arrive. Your guide will know where to pick up quality gear if you decide to pack light.

Alan Burke's Barbados

For many, planning a surf trip to the Caribbean has been a questionable endeavor. Is a trip to that region more novelty than a proper score? Positioned at the swell-exposed bottom of the West Indies, lush and sunny Barbados has four surprisingly wave-rich coastlines.
The key to unlocking each spot and getting to know the vibrant culture, however, is a seasoned surf guide named Alan Burke. From hole-in-the-wall rum bars to Carnaval festivities – and all the waves in between – Alan’s the guy in the know.
Only private groups
Recommended duration
5 days, 4 nights
Surf ability requirement
For casual surfers and above. You don’t need to rip.

The GOAT’s
Guy in Barbados

When you’ve got a space in your house known as “Kelly’s room”, and the G.O.A.T. (Kelly Slater) has you on speed dial for Barbados surf reports, then you’re certainly the guide to trust on the island. Meet Alan Burke, a happy-go-lucky family man, 8th generation Barbadian local, former National Surfing Champion, and surf guide/surf instructor known by most as “Burkie”.
Potentially more surf-stoked and gung-ho for adventure than his two pro surfer sons, Jacob and Josh, Burkie knows precisely where every wave on the island breaks, exactly when to hit it, and which stand has the best flying fish sandwiches en route.
I have been involved in every single aspect of surfing; it’s my love and I feel blessed to have guests that hire me for my knowledge.
— Alan Burke
Potentially more surf-stoked and gung-ho for adventure than his two pro surfer sons, Jacob and Josh, Burkie knows precisely where every wave on the island breaks, exactly when to hit it, and which stand has the best flying fish sandwiches en route.

Isle of Options

The thing about islands is that if one side is onshore, the other side is perfectly off. On a swell exposed island like Barbados, odds are somewhere’s firing. With an optimal surf season from September through April, Barbados has no shortage of variety, from reef breaks to cruisey longboard points, and even a few beach breaks.
Aquamarine-colored Freights Bay serves up left-handers 100 metres long (complete with sea turtle sightings), and you’re guaranteed to find a rideable wave there nearly every day of the year.
For the more seasoned surfer looking for a challenge, Soup Bowl, arguably the best tube-ride in the Caribbean, is waiting up the windward coast and is also rideable year-round.

Dynamic Caribbean

Rootsy, pastel-colored fishing shacks between ritzy 5-star resorts. Smoky, delicious roadside fish-fry stands next to over-water beach club cocktail bars. The rhythmic, gorgeous island of Barbados is a vibrant, unique blend of post-colonial British and Afro-Caribbean cultures.
On the surf side of things, while the community is fairly tight-knit and small, the waves are good enough to have produced a few pro surfers – much of this thanks to Alan Burke’s support and effort in growing the scene.
I scored some of the best barrels of my life, and also was surprised to get some of the most fun, long and playful waves I’ve ever seen!

Adventure That’s
Never Far Away

The perfectly sized island of Barbados makes any adventure or activity feel pleasantly accessible.
Boards By Burkie
Arriving sans surfboard and wouldn’t mind a particularly special keepsake from Barbados? Alan Burke actually shapes boards, too, and could build you a custom while you’re there.
Rum Diaries
Whether you want to sip a Rum Punch at John Moore’s Bar, or tour the Ol’ Brigand distillery, you’ll be pleasantly buzzed with options.
Bajan Taste
You can’t leave Barbados without trying a fried flying fish sandwich, especially at Oistins Fish Fry with the rest of the locals.
A truly unique biodynamic farm, café, and educational space in St. Joseph, this outfit uses holistic and biodynamic management practices to restore damaged soil.
Cruising Bridgetown
Take a stroll through the island’s historic capital city and pop into cafes and hole-in-the-wall bars for a rum punch.

Hand-picked homes and hotels

Stay in hidden boutique hotels and houses perfectly fit for groups from two to eight surfers. Whether you’re looking for digs with a masseuse or a comfy place right on the beach we know the perfect spot.


When's the best time to go?
September through April is peak season here. Although you can score waves year round, Atlantic hurricanes can make conditions unpredictable during the summer months.
How well do I need to surf?
Some experience necessary, but you don't need to rip. Your guide will curate waves to your group's abilities and tastes.
Are there better lefts or rights?
Both lefts and rights on offer.
Can I go solo?
Our pricing assumes a minimum two travelers per group, but drop us a line and we can discuss solo options. Just be aware, prices may increase to accommodate a single traveler.