Zopilote Surfcamp

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Where every surfer’s heart beats faster

"Guaranteed year-round, constant & neoprene-free surfing in warm water, right in front of the most breathtaking views of Costa Rica. Come experience new adventures every day! Arrive as a guest, leave as a friend."

The surf

Peak swell
Variable swell

Playa Hermosa is an excellent place to learn to surf, improve your surfing skills, or have a blast as an advanced surfer. With its constantly breaking waves, this beach offers conditions for beginners or advanced surfers at any tide. In the Surfcamp, we have a wide variety of boards for you to choose from: longboards, mini-malibu, funboard, fish, and shortboards.

Here there are countless surf spots to discover, offering constant waves for every surf level.

The lodge

Our camp is located in the jungle just before the beautiful Playa Hermosa (Spanish for "beautiful beach") and it’s only a two-minute walk to the beach, which gives you flexibility and independence from annoying shuttles. We can host up to 16 guests divided into our four shared cabins. Also, we have a very inviting pool, a chill area, lots of hammocks, book sharing area, guitars, surfboards, and more!

Around the surf camp, you will find cafes, a small supermarket, and various small shops (this can vary depending on the season). About 10 minutes drive south is Santa Teresa - a fast-growing place with countless bars, restaurants, beach clubs, surf shops, and much more. You can satisfy your party hunger there at the legendary beach parties. The parties on Sunday are particularly popular.

Costa Rica with its lonely beaches and warm water is the ideal place for your unforgettable surfing holiday, so get ready to sleep between howler monkeys, coconuts, waves, and much more. You will truly experience harmony with nature!

Getting there
The airport is located about five hours from our Surfcamp, so, what we suggest, is taking a taxi to the bus terminal, then ta... read more
The airport is located about five hours from our Surfcamp, so, what we suggest, is taking a taxi to the bus terminal, then taking a direct shuttle (Transporte Cobano) and then finally a taxi to Playa Hermosa. Another possibility to travel more comf... read more

Zopilote Surfcamp

Leading trips since 2009

The owner, Simon, was always in the search for a secret spot and a life-changing adventure. Fifteen years ago he departed into the unknown. He came to surfing through snowboarding and skating. At the age of 21, he flew to New Zealand and sealed his enthusiasm when he conquered the rough coasts by bus with his surfboard.

He then realized that surfing is more than just a sport. Surfing is a lifestyle that you can associate with travel, culture, and nature! After many summers working at Chill and Surf (at that time there was still a camp in France), and winters working in the Alps as a snowboard instructor, he and his partner at that time, Bruno, followed the call of living in endless summers.

In 2005, they packed their bags and set off on an adventure that has continued to this day. The goal? Open a surf camp in Central or South America that would match their expectations. After thinking Costa Rica would only be a temporary stop, they invested their savings into their own camp while they were just in their mid-twenties. They named it “Zopilote” after the raven vulture, a scavenger bird common to these parts. The beginning was expensive and difficult, so Simon and Bruno had to juggle a lot of jobs on the side. They repaired surfboards, gave surf lessons, and worked as bartenders at the popular full moon parties. The camp and Playa Hermosa were initially only visited by brave travelers who were looking for the road less taken.

Experienced surfers know that long distances, risk, and courage are rewarded. With the first camp, they made it to the “line-up of their dreams”. Simon and Bruno parted ways, and Simon moved the camp to a new location and then later to his current home. At the same time, the necessary infrastructure was created to finally send these lines from Playa Hermosa via the internet.

Now, Costa Rica is home for Simon, and Zopilote Surfcamp has become a family business. His great love Trish, his daughter, and himself live - as the locals say so nicely - the Pura Vida!


We truly believe in taking care of the environment and of this unique destination. This is why we invite our guests to help us maintaining this paradise that they come to enjoy. We also believe that team work is always the best way in making things happen, specially, when it comes to looking out for our planet and for each other.

Languages: English, German
Response rate: 100%
Response time: Within 0 hours

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What's included?
Accommodation, breakfast, and dinner (except Sundays).
What's not included?
Airport transfers, surf lessons, surfboard rental, lunch, and Sundays’ dinner.
What's the cancellation policy?
Cancel and get a full refund within 48 hours of purchase, or at least 90 days before the trip starts.