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"Join the most passionate, knowledgeable surf crew and the longest-running surf tour company in Taiwan. Make incredible connections and relationships throughout the country and meet our community, crew and families. Taiwan is our full-time home and where we love to be – and we couldn’t be happier to show you around!"

The surf

Peak swell
Variable swell

The south coast gets tropical cyclones from April to July or October and increases firmly through June. As a result, water temperates range from 24 to 28 C and the days are much warmer. The waves on Taiwan’s South Coast are also suitable for all surfers – from beginners to advanced and the coastline is usually sandy.

May and June are the least consistent time of the year for waves. There are still waves, but less frequent than at other times. But as at any other month of the year, we’re always prepared, so if there are waves, we’ll get you to them on either coast at any time! And there’s so much to do in Taiwan: markets, temples, restaurants, hot springs, mountain drives, island exploration, scuba diving and more – never a dull moment.

Summertime brings typhoon swell – check the vast unobstructed fetch of the Pacific Ocean around Taiwan’s South Coast. On average, there are 19-21 typhoons per season in the Asia-Pacific region – with perhaps 3 making landfall in Taiwan, usually in the E and NE regions. This is the best season for surf on Taiwan’s south coast – away from the typhoons and open to nice, groomed groundswell.

If a typhoon does get too close, authorities will call a land and sea warning, restricting boat and water activities. However, even when a warning is called, our guides know some out-of-the-way spots where you’re still likely to get wet – plus a weather pattern from a typhoon rarely affects the country for more than 48 hours.

The waves on Taiwan’s South Coast are suitable for all levels of surfers – from beginners to pros and families.

The adventure

Much of Taiwan’s southern peninsula, known for being a crescent-shaped coastline of white sandy beaches, coral gardens, and lush tropical uplands, falls within the boundaries of a protected national park. Dense forests cover hills and valleys; Monkeys, water buffaloes, and dozens of species of butterflies call this area home.

Other than surfing, there are many options to keep all amused: night markets, temples, the National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium (housing beluga whales, penguins, and a host of aquatic life), go-karts, diving, snorkeling, and hanging out on a tropical beach. The south of the country is a world away from the frantic pace of Taipei in the north.

Even though very little English is spoken, Taiwanese are the friendliest people on the planet and will go out of their way to be welcoming.

The adventure

From airport pickup to drop-off, we’ve got you covered with the best, most interesting, and stress-free surf trip you’ll ever have.

Our tours include bilingual surf/tour guide & van to yourselves, breakfasts, accommodations, plus we’ll take you to a vast array of non-surf activities too.

Your trip will truly be tailored to your needs - no waiting for others - we do things at your pace.

The Taiwan we know so well is a truly unique destination and while offering really fun waves suitable for all-level surfers, there’s so much else to do and explore. From fantastic food (restaurants and night markets) to hot springs, national parks, snorkeling, diving, hikes, bustling cities to quiet mountains and numerous beaches, there’s so much to experience.

We're also the only surf operator who covers the entire country, and we can combine South and East Coast trips - at no extra expense.


We don’t have only one accommodation location where we get everyone to stay year-round. We offer our guests different options so they can choose according to their needs and preference and the season they come. We are fully mobile and we will work on your itinerary according to the best surfing conditions.

Our accommodations on the south coast are all family-run by life-long locals who’ve been working with us for years. Send us a message with details about your group and we can work on the best option for you.


Getting there
Fly to Kaohsiung airport. We will pick you up from there at no additional cost. For pickups and drop-offs from Taipei Airpor... read more

Surf Taiwan

Leading trips since 2008
Neil "Moonwalker" Armstrong
Neil "Moonwalker" Armstrong
Neil "Moonwalker" Armstrong

Neil has been a photographer and writer for many surf publications over the years and traveled widely, no country has intrigued or excited him more than Taiwan.

Surf Taiwan was founded in 2008 purely out of a desire to show friends and pro surfers he worked with how amazing this country is.

The whole business grew organically, largely through word of mouth and most of the clients are repeats or referrals.

Surf Taiwan thrives due to its reputation. Clients arrive not sure what to expect from their trip and leave happy with incredible memories. We're also the only surf operator who cover the entire country, and we regularly combine South and East Coast trips - at no extra expense.

Neil is truly passionate about what Taiwan can offer: being able to, in a single day; surf, visit hot springs, national parks, numerous beaches, food markets, go diving/snorkeling and then head into the mountains.

Surfing, living, and working in a country with such varied activities, geography, and rich culture means there’s never a dull moment. Being on an island that’s at the forefront of tech while respecting traditions is a pleasure.

Languages: English
Response rate: 100%
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