Skeleton Bay with Etienne Potgieter

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Skeleton Bay treasures

"Skeleton Bay's desert is a unique place on Earth with a bucolic landscape that hides one of the best waves in the world. There's no better way to get on this unique break. I was present in the second-ever documented trip to this region and I can guide you through the hidden spots of this remarkable coastline."

The surf

Peak swell
Variable swell

The surf in Skeleton Bay works in very specific conditions. If the swell isn't big enough, it doesn't break. Forecast indicates the swell conditions only 10 days in advanced. For requests, please contact us in advance to check weather conditions for the dates on your trip.

The surf in Skeleton Bay is an endless bend on the sand. This is a very fickle wave and the forecast is a week in advance. It requires a very specific swell direction to work. However, this is, hands down, one of the best waves in the world. It is a spectacle to see - a wave barreling for 2km down the point, seals jumping out of the water all around you.

To get to it, get ready for an intense journey, up in the morning super early, walking up and down the point - it's a marathon.

Surf in Skeleton Bay gets better during the southern hemisphere winter (From May to September). If the swell isn't big enough, it doesn't break.

The adventure

The desertic and dramatic landscapes of the Skeleton Coast appear to be the end of the world, but once you get there, you will be fascinated by all the secrets that this unique part of the planet reserves. The name comes from the many animal skeletons and the many shipwrecks that can be found on the vast sand coast.

There is nothing man-made on this coast. The sand-dunes are constantly shifting and you can hear a loud roaring sound when this happens. The skeletons are often swallowed by the ocean. This is one of the reasons Skeleton Coast was known as "The Land God made in Anger" by the local natives, Khoisan Bushmen.

Despite the harshness of the desert, there's wildlife in Skeleton Coast, such as desert elephants, lions, black rhinos, cheetahs, crocodiles, springboks and gemsbok antelopes, and zebras. The Cape Cross coast hosts the largest colony of South African fur seals.


Namibia is a unique and captivating country with lots of hidden secrets. In the case of a flat day, there's a lot to do and explore - you will never get bored at this destination. Going on desert tours, quad biking, horse or camel rides, and fishing is possible.

Getting there
Fly into Hosea Kutako - Whindoek International Airport (WDH). From there, you can drive in 4x4 vehicles to the Skeleton Coast... read more
Fly into Hosea Kutako - Whindoek International Airport (WDH). From there, you can drive in 4x4 vehicles to the Skeleton Coast in a 6-hour drive. If coming from another country in the continent, it is also possible to catch a flight to Walvis Bay Airp... read more

Desert Surf Tours

Etienne Potgieter
Surf guide & coach
Etienne Potgieter

Etienne has been working as a surf guide for a very long time - he was on the second trip ever documented to Skeleton Bay and has been going back for most swells since then.

Etienne grew up in Port Elizabeth and learned to surf at a beautiful A-frame peak in front of his house. He traveled the world as an airline pilot and surfer, which go well together. Surfed professionally growing up and is currently a brand ambassador for Rip Curl. Even though he was a pilot, his main focus has always been free surf travel.

Currently, he's working with a local content-driven surf mag called Board Talk and as a high-performance surf coach.

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