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Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport (LIR)

The quiet side of Tamarindo

"This location has continuous great weather conditions to surf 365 days of the year, which helps with our goal to provide a great place to stay, interesting waves, and an opportunity to make lifelong friendships. After falling in love with this place and turning our “surf bum” into an actual job, we can say this was born from an idea that became a reality. Whether it’s us or our sister location, Witch's Rock, we’ll make your time in Costa Rica unforgettable."

The surf

Peak swell
Variable swell

Playa Tamarindo and this part of Costa Rica provide huge waves for surfers of all levels. It also offers great beginner and intermediate waves, and there are many other spots and places for advanced surfers nearby.

Costa Rica’s waters are warm throughout the year (approximately 80 degrees), so travelers do not need to wear a diving suit. Occasionally, due to the sea wind during the dry season (December to March), the water temperature drops to more than 70 degrees.

Pueblo Dorado Surf Hotel is sister to Witch’s Rock Surf Camp. Located at the corner of the Tamarindo Estuary, the wind and tidal conditions create separate and distinct wave breaks on one single stretch of shoreline. That is why we have access to all these waves, right in our front yard. Aside from Tamarindo beach, we are just a short boat or car ride away from a wide array of other types of surf breaks.

For surf Tours and surf camps, head to our sister location's website (Witch's Rock).

The lodge

This sister location to Witch's Rock will put you in the Pura Vida Costa Rica mindset from the moment you walk through the front doors. Pueblo Dorado is a quieter option that is away from restaurants and bars. This location is ideal if you're traveling on a budget, or if our main Witch's Rock location is full.

Pueblo Dorado has an open-air concept and offers an amazing green space right outside of your door. You will also be surrounded by brightly colored murals, scents of fresh Costa Rican coffee and flowers, the feeling of the warm sun and the ocean breeze, and sounds of local wildlife.

Besides having amazing (and bilingual) customer service, Pueblo Dorado also has a big swimming pool open to all guests, a guest lounge with a full fridge and a table with chairs, high-speed WIFI, discounts on surf rentals/lessons, complimentary breakfast (at Joe's restaurant which is approximately a four-minute walk from the hotel and it's beachfront!), and the best location out there where you can relax, unwind and enjoy the best waves imaginable.

Getting there
Liberia (LIR) is the closest airport to Pueblo Dorado, which is about an hour's drive. If you arrive on a Saturday, we provid... read more

My name is Joe Walsh, I’m the founder and owner of Witch’s Rock Surf Camp in Tamarindo. I purchased Pueblo Dorado in 2015 and made it a sister location to Witch's Rock. I’m here to tell you that if I can do this, you can do anything.

Ever since I was a kid, all I wanted to do was live on the beach and go surfing. This is a great dream in high school, but when you’re out of college and job hunting, there aren’t any job offers for “Surf Bum”. Perplexed but not deterred, I decided to build the world’s greatest surf camp, exactly the kind of place I would want if I was going on a surf vacation. This way I could surf forever and call it a job! The dream of Witch’s Rock Surf Camp came to life.

By January 2001, I had convinced 9 of my friends (including my dad and my girlfriend, now my wife) to join me and we drove a school bus from San Diego, California surfing all the way through Mexico and Central America, finally arriving in Tamarindo, Costa Rica a month later. We rented a shack on the beach that we could barely afford. We rented tents sitting on dirt with rocks and fire ants. We had good food and cheap beer. We had great vibes. But best of all, at a time when Tamarindo was tiny and we were considered to be “out of town”, we were sitting on Tamarindo’s multiple surf breaks located right out in front, having the times of our lives getting barrels and surfing our brains out. With lots of hard work, we became the first surf camp in the area. We transformed our little piece of paradise into an epic surfing destination.

Ryan Waldro joined our team in 2013. He worked for the WRV surf camp in Virginia Beach and wanted to learn more about surf camps in other parts of the world. He started out as an intern doing everything (surf tours, creating marketing material, designing surf seminars, etc). Ryan is now the manager of marketing and sales within the company. "I truly love the fact that I get to talk about surfing and Costa Rica all day. When the waves are good, no one cares if you’re a little late to work or leave a little early. We’re all surfers and understand the (healthy) addiction," says Ryan.

Languages: English; Spanish
Response rate: 100%
Response time: Within 24 hours

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