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Madagascar Surf Resort

Private bungalows
2+ nights
Nearest major airport
Toliara Airport (TLE)

The last surfing frontier in East Africa

"A mission for empty waves will lead you to this remote place. Wake up before sunrise and wander down to the beach to hop onto our private pirogue. Head off to surf empty glassy warm waves with a few mates. Grab a quick siesta after lunch before the afternoon trade winds come up for some kitesurfing or sailing. Finish the day with spectacular sunsets. Repeat: every day!"

The surf

Peak swell
Variable swell

Madagascar is the world’s 4th largest island. A mountainous central ‘spine’ separates the permanently damp east from the drier west and sub-desert south. From our surf resort, you will have direct access to a private beach and a variety of perfect waves on the outer reef that suit different levels of surfers' abilities - from beginners to elite athletes.

Our surf spots get a direct hit from the SW swells with mainly offshore conditions and 700km (438mi) of varied coral reef to explore. We can also arrange exploration of new undiscovered spots for surfers with an adventurous spirit.

Low-pressure systems moving east, away from South Africa pump swell up and along the Mozambique Channel. SW-facing reefs will receive up to 12ft (4m) surf but most of the quality surf will have to wrap around the NW-facing reefs so SE trades can blow fully offshore. From April to September, expect regular swells producing 4-12ft (1.2-4m). Unlike the rest of Madagascar, the tide factor rises in the Mozambique Channel and can reach 6ft (2m) on spring tides, which is enough to bring the live coral close to the surface and cause slow navigation at low tide in the lagoon.

Typical surfing day

Early rise for a 6 am-ish breakfast (depending on tide and weather) and surf our waves out front till around 12 pm. Then back to the camp for a warm solar-heated shower and lunch. Trade winds in southern Madagascar come out of the SSW and blow every afternoon so afternoons are usually dedicated to relaxing, yoga, drinking beer, kite surfing (bring your own gear) visit the local village or go sailing with the locals on a pirogue.

The lodge

Located at the north end of the remote beach village of Befasy, we are one of the last remaining surfing frontiers in this region, just a few hours by boat ride from the southern port of Toliara, or “City of the Sun”.

In our resort, guests have access to a fully-staffed restaurant, bar, and a chill-out area with breathtaking 360-degree views of the bushes, beach, and the multiple surf breaks on the outer reef. Our energy is provided solely from wind generators and solar panels powering the entire camp. We use local people to supply us with fresh water and this is dispersed simply to the resort by gravity, having a water point on the highest area.

The resort accommodates both surfers and non-surfers and can be a perfect gateway for families and couples. For a better experience, we run a policy of a maximum of 10 surfers at any time.


At Madagascar Surf Resort we have minimized our footprint by getting our power solely from wind generators and solar panels powering the entire camp. We use local people to supply us with fresh water and this is dispersed simply to the resort by gravity, having a water point on the highest area.

We have started a project to help build a bigger school for the local village and also supplying the schools with packages of pens, pencils, notebooks etc. Some of our staff are from the local village and our boat captain/camp manager has some relatives from Befasy.


A morning of fishing can be arranged off our surf boat or with one of the locals on a pirogue. Fishing off our surf boat will be with rod and reel and you have the opportunity to catch king mackerel, tuna, dorado, or whatever else happens to swim past one of our delicious-looking lures (if interested feel free to bring your own gear too). On a local pirogue will be the traditional Malagasy style of bottom fishing with a hand line (bring your own gloves).


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Getting there
Fly to Antananarivo Airport. For a better experience, we recommend overnight accommodation in Antananarivo and a short intern... read more

Madagascar Surf Resort

Leading trips since 2016
Ryan Gibson
Ryan Gibson
Ryan Gibson

We used to surf North in Anakao but visited the Befasy area often as it picks up more swell. We decided to buy this fantastic piece of land just to have a small place to spend the night. After we got to know the friendly people at the Befasy village, that adventure turned into so much joy that we decided to build the resort so more people could experience this amazing place and culture.

Our first agreement was signed on a napkin before eventually managing to get an official contract typed out with a typewriter. Then, a huge traditional welcome ceremony took part on the land - it was something unique for a place with so much to offer.

Languages: English, Malagasy, French
Response rate: 100%
Response time: Within 24 hours

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What's included?
Includes accommodation, all food, private pirogue with skipper/camp manager. Excludes bar tabs, transfers from Tuleur to Resort, extra surf trips to Anakao or far South.
What's not included?
Flights; boat transfers from Tuleur to the resort; alcoholic drinks; surfing or exploring areas outside of Befasy with the boat; excursions and activities ashore.
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Cancel and get a full refund within 48 hours of purchase, or at least 30 days before the trip starts.
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