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Inhambane Airport (INH)

Wildlife, remote & uncrowded waves

"From catching small fun waves to standing tall in barrels. Cruise in a 4x4 car from Tofo to Pomene and ride world-class surf breaks. You won't need much, just your favorite boardshorts, your board, and lots of energy to make the best of the great surf days ahead. On the off days, swim with whale sharks, dive with giant manta rays and enjoy the reefs. Mozambique has got it all, with no crowds!"

The surf

Peak swell
Variable swell

The surf season in Mozambique stretches from April through to early October, peaking in June/July. During this season, swells forming off Antarctica pound the South African and Mozambique Coasts and wrap their way into the long points.

Mostly, we’ll be looking for those long right sand bottom points that Mozambique is known for, but some days we’ll search out a peaky beach break if the conditions call for it. Both weather and water are boardshorts-friendly all year round.

The adventure

Join an incredible mission to some of Africa’s most beautiful quiet beach towns and waves. Depending on the swell forecast, we might find ourselves in Tofo or a little further north in Pomene, but either way, the swell will make the call.

Surfing in Mozambique is great because it covers all the basics, from catching small fun waves to standing tall in barrels. It’s got it all, with no crowds! The best part is that there are many beaches and sand-bottomed points still un-surfed.

We recommend a 10 day trip to this region to make the most of your time. If the swell drops and we have some free time, we can also go into the Elephant reserve nearby. The ocean around Tofo is well known for its diving potential, particularly whale shark and giant manta-ray diving and whale watching.

Cruising through Mozambique will require a 4×4 motor vehicle to get to the more remote surf spots, hence the clean and uncrowded waves.

Food & drinks

All areas in Southern Africa provide rich and tasty meals at reasonable prices. This is especially true in Mozambique, where the seafood is of great variety and the highest quality.

Bottled water is available at most convenience stores and petrol stations.


Over the years, I've found my favorite spots to stay near each wave. We'll make sure to arrange the best place for you, according to your preferences.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

Pomene: In Pomene, an idyllic beach camp situated right at Pomene point, not to be confused with the ex-Pomene Lodge now owned by MSC. Comfy casitas, a long right-hand point break, fresh seafood, cold beer, hot pizzas & good company. No camping available.

Tofo: In Tofo, nestled between the tropical seaside village of Tofo and surfer's heaven Tofinho, Turtle Cove provides an ideal holiday spot, work-away location, yoga venue or space to self retreat, all within walking distance to the beach. Expect a warm welcome, delicious good, daily yoga, incredible waves, and great weather all year-round.

Getting there
Fly to Inhambane Airport (INH). From there, we will pick you up.
Fly to Inhambane Airport (INH). From there, we will pick you up.

Bink Surf Tours

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Ryan Ribbink
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Ryan Ribbink

Ryan Ribbink is a "shoot from the hip", "what you see is what you get" kind of character with a large sense of humour and an affinity for big barrels. Born and raised on the Bluff in Durban, South Africa, Ryan grew up surfing a section of coastline that is considered to be the "North Shore of South Africa".

With waves like Cave Rock and Ansteys Beach moulding his barrel riding prowess and earning him high praise among the surfing community in South Africa.

He’s been frequenting the coastline of Mozambique since 1998, he’s paid his dues through trial and error and he knows just about everything you need to know about how to score waves over there.

Almost every major surf trip in Mozambique featuring professional surfers and film crews over the years has been run using his knowledge of the coastline and swell charts, earning him the status of "Mr. Mozam". He knows where to go and it’s not always easy to get there. Mozambique is still very much untouched and off the beaten track, but there are valuable African gems out there and he knows where to find them.

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