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"Discover the raw beauty of El Salvador and awaken your spirit to experiences that are designed to quench every soul’s thirst for adventure. Mizata is your wildest surf dream come true. Perfect conditions and an empty beach guarantee dreamlike, lifelong memories. We will provide you with everything you need to get the very best out of your trip and every wave."

The surf

Peak swell
Variable swell

Mizata enjoys waves when all other breaks are flat, with 340 days of swell each year. There are five surf breaks within walking distance and a beginner surf break just five minutes down the beach. If you are looking for the most consistent and uncrowded wave in El Salvador, this is it.

The lodge

Nestled in a hardwood rain forest with cascading cliffs, Mizata offers an assortment of lodging options. From cozy, shared suites to luxurious oceanfront bungalows and mind-bending tree houses, you will find your perfect space to recharge.

Set right between the cascading cliff and the volcanic sand beach, our Beachfront Bungalows are the perfect base for your couple's or friends' trip. A luxurious king-size bed will ensure you're resting well after all those salty adventure days.

Find your sacred space tucked in next to the lush hardwood forest of Mizata. A spacious suite with four cozy bunks, beautiful handmade art, a lounge area, brand new rain shower bathrooms and a huge patio awaits you.


Discover the richness of El Salvador through the lens of a local. Enjoy our curated experiences that are designed to quench every soul's thirst for adventure. Whether you are looking to relax, push personal limits or welcome the unexpected, we've got an experience for you.

Music studio

At the cost of over $2 million, this fully turn-key studio offers a full production suite, live band rooms, vocal booth and stadium seating next to the ocean. Mizata can provide a custom slate of services, including the recording studio, lodging, catering, experiences, project management and literally anything else you could want.

The food

Honoring the indigenous Pipile society, the ancient word NAWi translates to "four". For thousands of years, Salvadorans have been nourished by four sacred ingredients – Yuca, Red Silk Bean, Maize and Ayote. Each ingredient is featured throughout our menu to generously honor Mesoamerican heritage and its people. We welcome you to our familia.

The quiver

Traveling with surfboards sucks. So often, they show up broken or not at all. At a minimum, it is expensive and leaves you at a new surf break with limited board options. There is a better way! We have partnered with Lost Surfboards to provide you access to the sickest quiver of surfboards imaginable. This is the perfect opportunity to try a multitude of boards on a variety of waves. You will be amazed to discover how you perform on different shapes. Plus, find a board you like and Lost will custom make and ship to you!

The surf

With a 4x4 and expert local knowledge, we will take you to any surf break your heart desires or provide you with recommendations based on swell condition. Whether Punta Roca, La Bocana, K59, El Zonte, Nigrei or experience secret spots.

For adventurous surfers interested in surfing with no crowd, we provide boat service to virgin waves. So far we have pioneered 3 new incredible breaks that have been left unnamed. This half-day surf trip embarks on the beach in a Ponga with our local guides and tours the stunning coastline until arriving at the chosen break. A truly unforgettable experience.

Surfing provides a connection to the universe, and freedom of flight that leads to the healthy addiction to wave hunting. Like anything worth doing it requires practice and a planned approach.

Getting there
Fly to Monseñor Óscar Arnulfo Romero International Airport (SAL). From there, it's a 1h30min drive to Mizata by Antiresort. I... read more
Fly to Monseñor Óscar Arnulfo Romero International Airport (SAL). From there, it's a 1h30min drive to Mizata by Antiresort. It is also possible to arrange helicopter transfers from the airport to Mizata for an additional cost of $1000 per stretch.

Mizata by Antiresort

Leading trips since 2018
Pia Host
Pia Host

Nestled into the stunning coast of untamed El Salvador, we made it our mission to create a space for self-actualization. All our trips are designed as a blend of raw barefoot adventure and five star luxury, created to push your comfort zone while pampering you with high class amenities. Besides surfing the waves of a lifetime, meeting people that feel like family and riding bareback down the beach, this trip will awaken your entire being.

Words wouldn't do it justice, you’ll have to follow your instincts and let us share the magic of Mizata.

Feeding 5000 families

As humans, our collective experience during the pandemic spanned the gambit of tragedy and triumph. On March 19th, we were ordered to close and Shelter in Place. Within a few days, the first voices of hunger panged loud and starvation lurked in neighbors' faces. In the absence of clarity, generosity can be the shining light that clears the clouds.

We organized a fundraiser that produced resources to distribute over 12,000 pounds of food to families at risk of starvation during the shelter in place orders.

Imagine the faces of relief that held no hope and by grace and goodwill, their prayers were answered. The response was heartwarming. As the quarantine extensions rolled in, so did our distributions. The community was beaming with good vibes and a sense of hope.

Then one night the hurricane hit. Two large trees damned the river and the resulting flood crashed the walls of the resort. The horses were floating, and the animals were frantic. Tables and chairs were all washed away. The trees gave and the water levels fell, leaving us with 6 inches of mud and waste. When the storm cleared, we found our neighbors gathered in front. They had come to help us repair the hotel. They had come to repay the favor.

Life has a beautiful way of spinning tragedy to triumph, connecting humans through shared strife. There is still tremendous uncertainty that clouds the air, but our mission remains ardent. To provide a life-changing experience for guests so that we can tell the real story of El Salvador.

Languages: English, Spanish, German
Response rate: 100%
Response time: Within 2 hours

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