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$2,750 for 7 days


Daily surf guiding
Your guide will take you to the best breaks given the conditions that day and kind of waves you're after. They'll show you the take-off spots, and hazards so you don't waste time trying to dial in a new wave.
Private accommodations
Depending on group size and availability, you'll stay at one of our select vacation rentals or hotels in the area.
Unique experiences
Explore the natural and cultural bounty that lives alongside epic surf. As a local with an intimate knowledge of the region, your guide will give you the inside track on making the most of your trip, in and out of the water.

Not included

You'll need to get yourself to your accommodations and back. We'll provide info about best airports to fly into, and can help with travel logistics if requested.
No meals are covered, but your guide can point you towards the best food around and where to get groceries if you prefer cooking at home.
Plan to bring your own boards or rent once you arrive. Your guide will know where to pick up quality gear if you decide to pack light.

Mayköl Espinoza's Osa

For a surf destination like Costa Rica – one that’s seen a rapid development of surf tourism for decades now – it isn’t uncommon to ask if there are any spots left “off the map”. If there is still a place with world-class surf, that has somehow evaded the backpacker hubs and tourist traps.
One of the most remote, biodiverse places on earth, and host to one of the world’s longest left-hand waves, a trip to the Osa Peninsula is entrance to that space. Step into an off-grid surf wonderland, with wildlife guru and renowned local surfer Mayköl Espinoza as your guide.
Only private groups
Recommended duration
7 days, 6 nights
Surf ability requirement
For casual surfers and above. You don’t need to rip.

of the Jungle

A self-appointed “student of the forest and sea”, one can sense the deep connection Mayköl Espinoza has with his environment when with him, walking through the jungle or surfing a local break. Raised in the rainforests of Southern Costa Rica, there may not be anyone more versed in the natural world of the Osa Peninsula like Mayköl.
Whether he’s pointing out the scarlet macaws in the canopies above, or motoring you across the bay to score the waves of your life at the leg-burning lefthander known as Pavones, his depth of local knowledge connects travelers to the ocean and land in a way unlike any other.
To me, home is a place to get grounded, surrounded by all this amazing nature and this really positive energy.
— Mayköl Espinoza
Whether he’s pointing out the scarlet macaws in the canopies above, or motoring you across the bay to score the waves of your life at the leg-burning lefthander known as Pavones, his depth of local knowledge connects travelers to the ocean and land in a way unlike any other.

Leg-Burning Lefts,
or Leg-Burning Rights?

The beauty about surfing in Osa is that there’s a perfect wave for everyone, on any board, with an optimal surf season spanning March through September.
Ease into the surf with sand bottomed right-hand points, perfect to cruise on a longboard or even learn to stand up. Or, just a 5-10 minute drive away, challenge yourself with gorgeous reef right-handers that can handle bigger swells.
And of course, if you’re tired of going right, a 45-min boat ride across the gulf will land you in one of the longest left-hand waves in the world - and, it’s actually fairly easy to surf!

Where the
Road Ends

A largely undeveloped, lush region of Costa Rica, the Osa Peninsula owes much of that solitude to being situated within both Corcovado National Park and Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve. A place where you can literally surf beneath rainbow-colored Scarlet macaws soaring overhead, then spot monkeys, sloths, agoutis, and boa constrictors all in the same day.
The Osa Peninsula is a region on Earth like none other. With sporadic tico (local Costa Rican) communities along the coast, where the paved road ends, the surf breaks begin.
Mayköl was absolutely tapped into all of the wildlife, and he also had a really great style in the water. You can tell how connected he is to this place...

The Osa Wild Life

Separated from the tourist trail, the remote Osa Peninsula offers a plethora of natural world wonders outside of firing surf.
Spot the Species
This stunning, remote part of the world is home to an abundance of wildlife including monkeys, sloths and scarlet macaws, all which Mayköl can point out keenly.
Trek the Corcovado
Take several hikes through the incredibly biodiverse Corcovado National Park, which spans much of the Osa Peninsula.
The Osa is a fisherman’s heaven, known for its variety of fishing both offshore and inshore, with marlin, sailfish, tuna and more.
King Louis Waterfall
Hike to this amazing waterfall with Mayköl, where he will show you the layers of biodiversity throughout each seasons.

Hand-picked homes and hotels

Stay in hidden boutique hotels and houses perfectly fit for groups from two to eight surfers. Whether you’re looking for digs with a masseuse or a comfy place right on the beach we know the perfect spot.


When's the best time to go?
Season spans from March through October.
How well do I need to surf?
Some experience necessary, but you don't need to rip. Your guide will curate waves to your group's abilities and tastes.
Are there better lefts or rights?
Both lefts and rights on offer.
Can I go solo?
Our pricing assumes a minimum two travelers per group, but drop us a line and we can discuss solo options. Just be aware, prices may increase to accommodate a single traveler.