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Maykol Espinoza's Osa Peninsula

Maykol Espinoza's Osa Peninsula

Step into an off-grid surf wonderland, where the supernatural beauty is overshadowed only by mindbendingly long waves.

Why surf Osa Peninsula?

Why surf Osa Peninsula?

Why surf Osa Peninsula?

For surf destinations like Costa Rica that are rife with surf tourism, it’s not uncommon to wonder if there are any spots left “off the map”. Thanks to its location within both a National Park and Forest Reserve, the Osa Peninsula is arguably just that: one of the most remote, biodiverse, and undeveloped places on earth. Did we mention it’s also ho... show more

King of the Jungle

King of the Jungle

Raised in the rainforests of Southern Costa Rica, there are few more versed in the natural world of the Osa Peninsula than Mayköl Espinoza. A self-proclaimed “student of the forest and sea”, one can sense the deep connection he has with his environment. Whether he’s spotting scarlet macaws in the lush canopy or scoring leg-burning lefthanders, his... show more
Mayköl was absolutely tapped into all of the wildlife, and he also had a really great style in the water. You can tell how connected he is to this place...

Your private adventure

Who’s it for

The beauty of surfing in Osa is that there’s an ideal wave for everyone. Ease into the surf with sand-bottomed points, challenge yourself on reefy peaks, or simply go nuts on one of the longest left-handers in the world.

When to go

Optimal surf season spans from March through October due to the regular swells, warm water, and calm winds. However, with waves to be found year-round somewhere along the coast, there’s really no bad time to visit.

Make it yours

With no set itinerary, Mayköl’s trips are truly one-of-a-kind. Let him share inroads to hidden jungle sanctuaries, a new perspective on the natural world, and of course, the longest waves of your life.

Mayköl's Picks

Far from the tourist trail, the remote Osa Peninsula offers abundant natural wonders in addition to firing surf.

“I Spy”, But Make It Epic

Score firing waves beneath rainbow-hued Scarlet macaws and spot monkeys, sloths, and boa constrictors all in the same day.

Spot the Species

This stunning, remote part of the world is home to an abundance of wildlife including monkeys, sloths and scarlet macaws, all which Mayköl can point out keenly.

Off the Beaten Path

Hike through coastal or inland routes of the remote Corcovado National Park – one of the world’s most biodiverse places.

Great Catch

A fisherman’s heaven, Osa is known for its variety of fishing both offshore and on, with marlin, sailfish, tuna, and more.

You’ll Want to Chase this Waterfall

Hike to the stunning King Louis waterfall, where Mayköl will highlight the layers of biodiversity throughout the seasons.

Where you'll sleep

Stay in hidden homes and boutique hotels matched to your needs—from lux digs with a private chef to bohemian bungalows right on the beach, your spot is guaranteed to be dialed.

El Tumbo

Retreat into the natural world with the comfort of spacious bungalows or cozy cabinas close at hand. Tucked within the trees, a daily soundtrack of a rippling stream and murmuring monkeys invites a deep sense of relaxation. Fresh local flavors and guest preferences inform the scratch-made menu. Whether you plan to surf, SUP, and snorkel your days away or simply relax, rejuvenate, and repeat, this intimate jungle property does not disappoint.

Lapa Rìos

Perched above the rainforest canopy hovers a true cielo, or paradise within the greater paradise that is the Osa Peninsula. Set within a 1,000-acre reserve, complete peace and privacy is ensured, and the luxury lodgings feature a flawless array of creature comforts. With its premium furnishings and hypnotic ocean views, you’ll never want to leave this luxury oasis. And considering the excellent Wi-Fi connectivity, you may never have to.

Casa Aviari

With its completely open-air design, rock wall showers, and private beach access, this solar-powered treetop home promises to set the scene for an unforgettable getaway. The fully-equipped kitchen is perfect family-style dinners and inspires guest to stay in and enjoy the comforts of this home-away-from-home, or hop in the 4x4 to get into the local attractions just minutes away. Either way, Casa Aviari is a stay unlike any other.
These are just a few of the special digs available. We need to know a bit about you to match the perfect spot for you and yours.


What makes a Thermal adventure different?
Surfing with the best local guide and staying in the perfect place is a unique and powerful combo. Go with a local to uncrowded spots and explore a new region of the world embedded in the local community.
How many surfers is this ideally for?
This adventure is designed for 1-4 people, but with excellent retreat properties available, we can design something for larger groups and families.
How well do I need to surf?
You don’t need to rip but some experience necessary. Your guide will curate waves to your group's abilities and tastes.
What is typically included?
This adventure includes daily guiding, private accommodations tailored to your group’s size and preferences, as well as the inside track on unique experiences to help you get the most out of your Central American surf adventure.
What’s not included?
We’ve got you covered on just about everything except flights, meals, and boards. We can help with travel logistics if requested and your guide can point you toward the best places to eat or get gear if you decide to pack light.