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Eddie Salazar's Galapagos

Eddie Salazar's Galapagos

Beyond a volcanic foreground alive with wildlife, a perfect wave peels without a surfer in sight. Welcome to the Galápagos.

Why surf Galapagos?

Why surf Galapagos?

Why surf Galapagos?

While the term “bucket list” can lean hyperbolic, when referring to the Galápagos, it’s simply fitting. As one of the world’s foremost destinations for wildlife viewing, and considering its significant history, there are few places in the world as remarkable as this equatorial archipelago. With a unique combination of an extraordinary ecosystem and... show more

Steward First, Surfer Second

Steward First, Surfer Second

Considering its reputation as one of the world’s most remote surf destinations, it’s unsurprising that an expert guide is the key to maximizing a visit to the Galàpagos. Meet former Ecuadorian National Surfing Champion and steward of his equatorial homelands, Eddie Salazar. With sincere passion, Eddie shares the region’s otherwise off-limits waves,... show more
Sitting in the lineup with lots of sea turtles and sea lions was an incredible experience. Eddie, my guide, was amazing…Currently the best surf trip I've had in the past 10 years.

Your private adventure

Who’s it for

While the islands’ waves are comprised solely of reefs, it doesn’t mean that every wave is “heavy”. From fun points to freight train-like lefts and rights, the variety of waves will satisfy every level of surf hunger.

When to go

Because the swell-exposed archipelago faces both north and south, excellent surf can be found year-round. Want to strike it big? December through April is when swell energy is most consistent.

Make it yours

With no set itinerary, Eddie’s trips are truly one-of-a-kind. Let him lead you from volcanic summits to Pacific depths, where you’ll discover world-class waves, a teeming local ecosystem, and everything in between.

Eddie's Picks

The array of activities in the Galapagos is, quite literally, one you can’t experience anywhere else on Earth.

Isla Santa Cruz

Explore Isla Santa Cruz, whose lush interior, pristine beaches, diverse wildlife, and more make it a must-see destination.

Farm visit

Visit Eddie’s private farm in the mountainous interior of the island, participating in habitat restoration while learning about San Cristóbal’s many endemic species.

Get Your Steps In

Summit a volcano, walk along stunning shores and explore one-of-a-kind mangrove in Darwin’s most famous playground.

How the Other Half Lives

Witness the ocean’s ecosystem from below, where whale sharks, hammerheads, sea lions, and native marine iguanas thrive.

Meet the Natives

From iguanas to blue-footed boobies, and namesake galápagos (giant tortoises) the islands are famous for unique wildlife.

Where you'll sleep

Stay in hidden homes and boutique hotels matched to your needs—from lux digs with a private chef to bohemian bungalows right on the beach, your spot is guaranteed to be dialed.

Golden Bay Galàpagos

Situated directly upon Playa de Oro, these luxury lodgings set the standard for quality without any of the stuffiness. From its ideal location, enjoy stress-free inter-island travel or simply delight the citizens of the sea who luxuriate in the golden sands surrounding the property. An emphasis on conservation, ethics, and sustainability has earned this hotel the island’s sole approval by Ecuador’s Ministry of Tourism.

Hotel Indigo

A modern refuge where natural beauty and tranquility meet, the upscale amenities of this island getaway offer a true sense of escape. Relax in the infinity pool, renew body and soul at the spa, and enjoy global cuisine with local flavor in between exploring the “Enchanted Islands”. Between the expansive ocean views and peaceful, intimate spaces, you’ll want for nothing during your Galapagueñan stay.
These are just a few of the special digs available. We need to know a bit about you to match the perfect spot for you and yours.

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Go with the entire family, a group of friends, your partner or solo.


What makes a Thermal adventure different?
Surfing with the best local guide and staying in the perfect place is a unique and powerful combo. Go with a local to uncrowded spots and explore a new region of the world embedded in the local community.
How many surfers is this ideally for?
This adventure is designed for 2-8 travelers, but with its myriad of uncrowded waves, solo travelers on a strike mission will dig this one as well.
How well do I need to surf?
Some experience is necessary, but you don't need to rip. Your guide will curate waves to your group's abilities and tastes.
What is typically included?
This adventure includes airport transfers, daily guiding, private accommodations tailored to your group’s size and preferences, and the inside track on unique experiences to help you get the most out of your time in the Galapagos.
What’s not included?
We’ve got you covered on just about everything except flights, meals, and boards. We can help with travel logistics if requested and your guide can point you to the best places to eat or get groceries if you want to cook at home.